Disowned: Daniel Ashley Pierce

The young American man who secretly filmed his parents throwing him out and beating him for being gay has received thousands of dollars in donations.

Twenty-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce, from Kennesaw, Georgia, was told by his religious parents to leave the family home after coming out to them. They also attacked and verbally abused the young man. And it was all caught on camera.

The shocking video quickly went viral, being viewed over 2 million times within 24 hours.

His boyfriend also created a GoFundMe page to help Pierce financially until he’s able to support himself.

One supporter wrote: “I am so proud of the community for making a stand against what these parents did to their son! Many people have not only opened their wallets but their hearts and even homes.”

Another said: “Daniel I’ve been in your exact place. I was disowned by my Pentecostal family when I was 17. You’ll be OK. Surround yourself with great friends, they’ll become your family. It does get better, hold on.”

At the time of publishing, more than 2,000 people had donated more than $50,000 in just one day.

“Oh My you guys! I am in tears! I didn’t realize that this was even set up for me!” wrote Pierce on the GoFundMe page.

“I am so thankful for all the comments, support and donations! I don’t even know how to thank y’all! I wish I could give each and every one of you a huge hug! I was trying to respond to everyone but I couldn’t keep up!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is all just so amazing!!!”

In the video, Pierce’s mother insists that he has chosen to be gay. She goes on to say: “Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live and do what you want to. I will not let people believe that I condone what you do.”

Watch the video below.

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