Westboro Baptist Church members picket under the billboard

A billboard giving the middle finger to America’s notorious gay-hate Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has been erected.

The sign was conceived by an unidentified comedian behind a spoof “God” Facebook page, who crowd-sourced funds to put up the billboard in the church’s home town of Topeka, Kansas.

The billboard, depicting fluffy clouds, a cartoon “God” and a rainbow, proudly proclaims: “God loves gays.”

The WBC, which described the billboard as “lies and taunts” on Twitter, responded, predictably, by protesting under the sign with its usual hateful placards insisting that “God hates fags.”

“God’s” Twitter feed commented: “The WBC says they will protest the God Loves Gays billboard. That’s okay, whatever keeps them too busy to protest at funerals.”

Known for their virulently anti-gay campaigns, WBC members have picketed at gay friendly events and even demonstrated at funerals of US soldiers who were killed in action.

gay_hate_westboro_church_protests_god_loves_gays_bilboardWhile $50,000 was needed to allow the billboard to stay up for 12 months, the campaign has so far raised $85,772.

The campaign’s originator wrote on the Indiegogo fundraising page that he (or she) has taken out a contract until 2015 and plans to extend the billboard’s display for as long as the money comes in.

He will also be donating $10,000 to The Trevor Project, an LGBT youth suicide prevention group, and to the Equality House, located across the street from the WBC.

The notorious church, which receives a vast amount of publicity due to its extremism, claims that growing acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is leading God to punish America.

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