hilarious_sam_smith_gay_video_parody_please_go_homeWe’ve probably all woken up in a daze with a guy we didn’t particularly care for in our bed the next morning.

Now, Adrian Anchondo has used that all too common experience to create a parody video of crooner Sam Smith’s global hit song Stay With Me.

Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese sings the spoof, but instead of pleading for his lover to stay, he desperately begs him to, “please go home.”

“I was obsessed with Sam Smith’s song,” Anchondo, who previously made a splash with his Beyonce parodies, told Q Center. “It’s so beautiful. The truth is, we have probably been stuck in the situation that our video represents more often than what Sam Smith talks about.”

He added: “I think everyone can relate to the material from both sides. I think sometimes I can be a clingy friend or lover–craving the time and affection from people in order to feel validated or special to another person — and sometimes we just need space from the people we love the most.”

Catch Franzese, who only recently officially came out in April, in the next season of the hit American gay drama Looking.

“Doing both this song and Looking after coming out this spring have been such life-affirming moments,” he said. “It’s like I finally feel comfortable to tell the kind of jokes and comedy I have been holding in for so long. It’s pure freedom and a blessing people are picking up on it.”

Watch the Please Go Home video, which also includes the sounds of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, below.

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