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pierre_fitch_interview_south_africa_djWe chatted to sexy Canadian porn star, DJ and entrepreneur, Pierre Fitch, ahead of his Fireman’s Ball gigs in Jozi and Cape Town.

With a 15-year career in the porn world, Pierre first made a name for himself at the tender age of 18 when he embarked on a gay adult film career, impressing viewers with his twink good looks, cheeky smile and meaty… er… attribute.

He worked for some of the top studios and was nominated for various industry awards before asking, “Why should other people get paid for my work?” and launching his own production label and site.

In 2005, Pierre surprised the world by announcing his marriage to fellow gay porn actor, Ralph Woods, but he later revealed that it was all a publicity stunt.

A lifelong dance music fan, Pierre embarked on a DJ career in 2010, training intensively for two years to master the decks.

Mambaonline spoke to the musically-inclined sex symbol over the phone in Montreal, just before he left for South Africa.

You got into porn at a really young age…

I always loved sex, I guess. And that’s why I wanted to do it. And I wanted to do a lot of travel and that was the perfect business for it.

You’ve worked for some big studios. Do you prefer to produce your own work now?

I guess you are more in control, and it’s your own business and you can choose the people and the models that you work with. It’s also allowed me to start off my DJ career.

How often do you shoot porn these days?

I shoot once a month now. Before, I was shooting weekly. Once a month is good for me! I’m getting older. [Laughs]

Do you have a different on-camera persona from your private sex life?

The screen is only acting – it’s a way for getting people excited. It’s not daily, normal life. The sex is definitely different on and off camera. It’s much more personal off-camera.

Do you still enjoy it? Do you never get bored?

I guess I enjoy it, or it I wouldn’t be doing it. But I don’t shoot as much as I used to. Not at all. It’s really a job – like any other job.

Do you also do escort work?

No, I never have and I never will. That’s because I like young guys. [Laughs] There’s really nothing that gets me excited about escorting.

Are you involved? Do our boys have a chance with you during your visit?

I have a partner. It’s been three weeks – it’s still fresh. [Laughs] I wish he could he come with to South Africa, but he accepts my job, I guess.

I’m sure many of of your local fans will be devastated. If you never got into porn what would you have done with your life?

I would probably have been a DJ. I would have figured out something. And fitness coaching, which I also do.

You once pretended to get married. Do you ever see yourself really getting married?

Never again! [Laughs] It’s only a piece of paper. It’s ridiculous. If you love someone you don’t need to sign a piece of paper. You don’t need to sign your life away.

pierre_fitch_interview_south_africa_porn_star_djYour move into deejaying. How did that come about?

I always had a passion for music, since I was a young guy. One day I got inspired and I went to school to learn to be a DJ.

What kind of music do you play?

I usually spin electro and tribal house…

Do you ever see deejaying become a full time thing?

Nah. I like the mix of what I do. I like doing all kinds of stuff. Otherwise I get bored.

What can the Fireman’s Ball crowd expect from your set?

Pure enjoyment! I’m so excited to be there and to do these gigs.

Pierre will be on the decks at the 8th annual Joburg Fireman’s Ball on Friday, 28 November at The Sands in Sandton. Tickets available from Computicket.com.

On Saturday, 29 November he’ll play at a special Fireman’s Ball night in Cape Town at Crew Bar. Tickets available from Crew Bar prior to and on the night.

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