Paris fashionistas agape as penises take to the runway


Pic: Kollektiv Noir / Instagram

American fashion designer Rick Owens both outraged and delighted fashionistas with his penis-baring menswear runway show in Paris on Thursday.

To the astonishment of the audience, four male models wore loose smock-like garments with revealing cut-outs near their crotch – and they weren’t wearing any underwear!

The result was that the world was treated to occasional glimpses of the models’ man-parts flopping about as they walked on the runway.

While female nudity is not uncommon on the catwalk, full frontal exposure by men still remains something of a taboo.

Thanks to the show, Owens was soon the topic of discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #dickowens.

“Just as 2014 was the year of the butt, 2015 is shaping up to be about the bulge in fashion land,” wrote William Van Meter about the show for New York Magazine.

He added: “The penises weren’t the point of the show — it was blink-and-you-miss-it — but many editors were cursing themselves afterward for missing them because they were too busy texting. They missed a fashion first.”

Speaking to Dazed backstage, Owens commented: “Nudity is the most simple and primal gesture – it packs a punch. It’s powerful. It’s a straight world now. It says something about being independent. Who else can really get away with this stuff? It’s a corporate world! This was our private moment.”

While we’re all for male nudity, we somehow don’t see this trend catching on. You might get away with flashing your dangly-bits on the runway, but doing so in public would get you arrested.

Click here to see uncensored pics of the show (Warning: NSFW).

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