Dutch sleuth continues search for gay man in Cape Town

Frank Kater has been missing for more than three months

Frank Kater has been missing for more than three months

A private investigator from the Netherlands has arrived in Cape Town to continue the search for Dutch gay man Frank Kater.

The 42-year-old went missing last year while undergoing treatment for addiction. He left the Cape Town clinic for an afternoon out on 12 October and never returned, despite not taking his passport or credit and bank cards.

In November, Kater’s heartbroken partner of almost three years, Frank Elshof, came to the city in a bid to find him, but had no luck and returned to the Netherlands.

Now, Dutch investigator and former police detective Dick Steffens has flown to the Mother City on behalf of Elshof and Kater’s desperate family.

Steffens told Mambaonline that he believes Kater is alive as he’s received reports that he was spotted as recently as yesterday (Sunday).

“We have a lot of information from people who have seen him,” he said, adding that Kater is likely using crystal meth and could be wandering the city as a homeless man. “He’s been seen sleeping on [park] benches and sitting against trees.”

Steffens explained that he is re-checking all known information about Kater’s whereabouts, speaking to people who’ve seen him, distributing flyers in the Company’s Garden, Sea Point and Green Point areas and visiting locations where he might be.

Kater’s cell phone has also been tracked to a Cape Town township. The investigator believes that the phone was either sold or stolen.

“We are 90% certain that he is still alive, but that maybe he doesn’t want to be found. We want to try to get him home. If he says he doesn’t want to go with us we respect that and will report it to the family.”

Steffens said that Kater’s family are hopeful that he will be found. “His partner is really desperate. He says ‘please let us know even if you don’t want to come back. We just want to know if you are alive.'”

Steffens is returning to the Netherlands on Tuesday night unless Kater is located. If not, the case will be handed over to a local private investigator to continue the search.

If you have any information about Frank Kater, please call Dick Steffens on 074 545 6402 (while he’s in South Africa) or +31 64 638 8277 in Holland. He can also be e-mailed on info@interludium.net.

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