Head of UN General Assembly calls gay activists “frogs”


Sam Kutesa

The Ugandan-born President of the UN General Assembly has shown his arrogance by insulting LGBT rights activists who campaigned against him.

Despite previous homophobic statements, ongoing accusations of corruption and a petition against his candidature, overwhelming support from African countries saw Uganda’s Foreign Minister, Sam Kutesa, elected to the UN post in June 2014.

After his election, Kutesa told journalists that he was not homophobic and said he was fine with homosexuals as long as they keep their sexuality private.

Now, in his first visit to Uganda since his victory, Kutesa has taken the opportunity to sneer at his critics.

Speaking about the LGBT rights groups who lobbied to block him from the UN position, he commented that they were little more than an annoyance

“No matter how much noise the frogs make, they cannot stop a cow from drinking water,” he told the Daily Monitor.

In his role as Uganda’s representative, Kutesa previously defended the country’s now-annulled anti-homosexuality law by stating that “the majority of Africans abhor this practice [homosexuality]” and that “we shall not accept [its] promotion and exhibition, because we think that is wrong for our young people and it offends our culture.”

Thankfully, the position of President of the UN General Assembly is a largely ceremonial one and has a one year term, which means that Kutesa will be replaced by Danish politician Mogens Lykketof later this year.

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