The secret habits of gay dating app users revealed


secret_life_of_gay_dating_app_usersDo you lie on dating apps? How often do you send pictures of your privates? A new survey reveals what gay men do and don’t do when meeting other guys online.

You may be surprised to learn, for example, that most guys are not in it just for a quick hookup. According to the survey by, 45% of gay dating app users are primarily looking for a date, with a possible hookup, but only if it feels right.

Just 24% say that they are only interested in a once-off sexual experience, while 10% want a relationship and 18% are simply browsing for fun.

The one thing that just about everyone seems to have in common is that they quite like to share photos of their man-goods. In fact, a whopping 83% said that they send “dick pics” to other guys. (Consider also that 30% of men apparently don’t even have to see a face picture before meeting up.)

Asking for pictures of your date beforehand may make a lot of sense though, seeing as  31% of users admitted to misrepresenting something about themselves (age, height or weight).

Around 62% had a “few” experiences of discovering that the man they end up meeting is not quite the person he made himself  out to be, while 19% said that this had happened a “lot”.

When it comes to the issue of HIV, the survey found that 57% of HIV negative men avoid making contact with guys who are positive (unfair discrimination or justified?).

An overwhelming number of HIV positive men (90%) said that they disclose their status before having sex, although 10% will first wait to be asked.

Interestingly, almost half of dates that do take place don’t end up in the sack; 45% of guys rather choose to end the date before anything happens.

The good news is that 71% of app users have met someone with whom they initiated a sexual relationship of some kind (other than just a once-off hookup), such as dating, boyfriends, or friends with benefits.

The survey was conducted in February and saw almost 4,000 gay men participate.

How does the survey tally with your experiences of using dating apps? Tell us below.

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