We agree! More male nudity, please


Kevin Bacon wants to “free the bacon”

Why are female actors expected to bare all for the camera, while male stars almost always get to keep their manhood hidden?

That’s the question addressed by actor Jack Gleeson, who played the sadistic Joffrey Baratheon in the television series Game of Thrones.

The show is known for its displays of ample female flesh, but not always equal male exposure (though it does admittedly do better than most).

Addressing the issue of misogyny on the series, he told The Daily Beast: “…I think there is some male nudity in the show. As I say, I don’t watch it so I can’t really comment, but I have heard that there is male nudity—so I think that is one good thing, to not just objectify women but also objectify the beauty of the male genitalia!

He added: “We’re all objects together.”

Kevin Bacon agrees in a humorous mock public service announcement in which he urged male actors in Hollywood to “free their bacon”; in other words to show their “weiner, balls and butt.”


Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones

He explained: “In so many films and TV shows we see gratuitous female nudity, and that’s not OK… It’s OK, but it’s not fair to actresses and it’s not fair to actors because we want to be naked, too.”

Speaking about Game of Thrones, Bacon went on to state: “You got three sex scenes an episode, how hard would it be to just show one or two weiners every couple of minutes? This is an issue of gender equality.

“Let me be on the show. Come on, I’ll play a naked wizard or something,” he joked.

The star, who has to his credit bared all in movies like Wild Things, also called out Fifty Shades of Grey hunk Jamie Dornan for hiding his pubic co-star in the movie.

“Let me play Christian Grey, we’ll do the whole movie in one whole long close-up of my penis,” exclaimed Bacon.

The video may have been tongue-in-cheek, but it expressed an oh-so-true sentiment that most would agree with. Sign us up and demand that Hollywood “free the bacon!”

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