Was Campbell’s Soup viral take down of homophobe real?


cambells_soup_response_to_anti_gay_troll_fakedA viral screengrab of withering responses by Campbell’s Soup to a homophobe complaining on social media about its gay-friendly advert is not what it appears.

The American company has been both praised and criticised for its recent light-hearted advert, which shows two fathers convincing their young son to eat the brand’s Star Wars soup by emulating characters from the movies (watch below).

One particular woman named Jess Hicks wasn’t impressed with the “message” that the ad was sending out and wrote on the canned soup manufacturer’s Facebook page that she was “sick of this Homosexual agenda.”

She ranted: “You sell soup, not but[t] sex! Please take your ad down or you will not have a company anymore!”

Hicks then received a response from Campbells ForHelp, which posted: “Hello, Jess Hicks! It seems you have somehow mistook two men feeding their child soup as a pornographic film depicting anal stimulation?

“My word Jessica. That is quite the leap. While we at Cambell’s Kitchen take pride on being empathetic, we are finding it hard to empathise with your vantage point. Would you just prefer we send you some of our classic tomato soup? It’s real soup-er.”

After the woman wrote that the child in the ad will have a terrible life because of having to tell his friends at school that he has two dads, Campbells ForHelp replied: “Jess, I would be more embarrassed going to school with anyone knowing I am in some way associated with you. Now how about that soup-er soup?”

The exchange continued for a little longer and has now become a viral phenomenon, with supporters of the LGBT community praising the company for its cutting responses to the woman.

Sadly, we hate to break the news that Campbells ForHelp, which posted the replies, is not a Campbell’s account at all and was faked by an unknown person seemingly in order to reply to Hicks’ homophobia.

In Campbell’s defence, the company hasn’t distanced itself from the scathing replies to the woman, thus cleverly appearing to endorse them without having to take any flack.

In fact, the viral screengrab of the exchange has led to a flood of predominantly positive and supportive messages towards the company.

One woman wrote, “Now that is a very corporate clap back, who knew Campbell can throw such beautiful shade. Hmmmmm hmmmmm good!” while another posted, “Campbells soup is the soup of the righteous.”

Watch the ad that caused all the fuss below.

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