New gay dating app rejects 8 out of 10 applicants


gay_dating_app_rejects_most_applicantsAre you “sexy enough”? A new “exclusive” gay dating app has been launched that only allows applicants approved by other members.

According to Hanky’s co-founder, Jonas Cronfeld, to be accepted you need to either be invited by an existing member or your application to join must be approved by at least three members.

The result is that around eight out of every ten applications are rejected.

The aim, Cronfeld claims, is to create an “invitation-only, tight-knight community” that will keep out “creeps, time­wasters and fake profiles.”

“Legitimate users of traditional apps are being subjected to internet ridicule by trolls (often using fake identities), who send abusive messages or who post screenshots of private conversations on Twitter,” he said.

He went on to add: “We will probably never have 5 million members like some of these other apps because so many get turned away. But we’ll choose quality over quantity any day.”

There are concerns, however, that the app will be elitist and exclusionary, bolstered by Cronfeld’s comment that it will offer “more sexy” users.

Judging by current app use, it’s likely that those who are voted in will be selected by little more than their physical appearance.

Cronfeld nevertheless insists that Hanky’s users “represent a colourful palette of types, ethnicities and personalities.”

What do you think? Is this app the way to go, or is it just adding to the vacuous, stereotypical and one-dimensional state of online dating?

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