Meet the (stunning) Mr Spain who’s just come out


Meet-the-stunning-first-ever-openly-gay-Mr-Spain_02For the first time in the pageant’s history a Mr Spain has come out as gay, shortly after winning the title.

The gorgeous Daniel Rodriguez from Tenerife beat out 47 other hunks two weeks ago to be crowned at a ceremony in the city Girona.

The 23-year-old model is now making waves not only for his impressive good looks but also for the fact that he is openly gay.

In a post-win coming out interview with ABC, Daniel explained that he never considered addressing his sexuality during the contest

“The truth is I never thought that it was necessary because I didn’t see it as a reason as to why I couldn’t win the title,” he said.

“I wear my sexual orientation naturally and therefore I didn’t think that it was essential to say anything.”

Meet-the-stunning-first-ever-openly-gay-Mr-SpainDaniel, who has been out to his friends and family for years without any problems, went on to dismiss the idea that a gay man should not be Mr Spain.

“A homosexual can be as masculine as a heterosexual,” he affirmed.

When asked if there were any other gay contestants in the pageant, he replied: “Although they say that we have a radar to recognise others I’m pretty bad at doing that…”

Daniel said he hopes that coming out won’t affect his career. “I made very good friends with some colleagues and I hope that nothing changes from now on.”

The bearded stunner will go on to represent Spain in the Mister International 2016 pageant.





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