Older gay men’s support group launched in Joburg


older_gay_mens_support_group_johannesburgAre you a gay man over 45? Do you sometimes struggle with the challenges that life brings to you, whether it is changing your career direction, new challenges in your relationships, the demands of ageing parents, fitting into a youth-obsessed gay scene, or even just sometimes making sense of what is happening in your life?

There is now a safe space in Johannesburg for you to explore these issues with like-minded individuals: a weekly group for gay men over 45 years of age, facilitated by an experienced gay psychologist, where you will have an opportunity to explore these issues with other older gay men over a period of time, and to obtain new perspectives.

The group is scheduled to meet for approximately 2 hours on a regular weekday evening at a comfortable venue close to Melville, for a period of 6 months. (However, there is an option for the group to continue beyond this point if members wish to do so.) Membership is limited to a maximum of 8 individuals.

You need to be able to pay a small fee each week in order to attend the group, to cover facilitation and refreshment costs.

You also need to be able to commit to attending the majority, if not all of the group meetings over the 6 months. All participants are required to commit to confidentiality and respect regarding matters discussed in the group, and should be willing to share their own experiences.

The group is scheduled to start meeting in early September 2016, with a break over December and early January, but continuing until March 2017.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the group, please contact the facilitator, Rob Hamilton (Clinical Psychologist), before 15 September 2016. He can be reached on 072 020 5467 or via email at rhamilton.072@gmail.com.

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