Watch: (More) men kissing takes Hollywood by storm


man-kissing-takes-Hollywood-by-stormJudging by a sudden spate of man on man smooching, it seems that men kissing is now the hottest thing in Hollywood!

It all started on Sunday when Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield shared a surprise kiss at the Golden Globe awards after Reynolds lost out on the best actor in a musical or comedy award.

Then, while appearing on The Late Show, Garfield couldn’t resist again showing how cool he is with same-sex sensuality when he and host Stephen Colbert made out – twice!

When asked by Colbert about his Golden Globes display of affection (“You kind of stole focus…”), Garfield explained that, “I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him whether he won or lost”.

“And you’re very comfortable kissing another man?” Colbert asked. “I mean, I don’t even understand the question,” replied Garfield.

When Colbert added, “I’m totally comfortable with it too,” Garfield leaned over and the two men kissed to wild applause from the studio audience. They kissed again, with Colbert commenting to a blushing Garfield: “You’re a very gentle lover.”

man-kissing-takes-Hollywood-by-storm-stranger-things-kidsNow, the kids from Stranger Things have also gotten in on the action.

In a short clip posted on Instagram, actors Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery, are seen in a lift at the Golden Globes InStyle magazine after party with co-star Natalia Dyer, who played their love interest in the hit show.

As the lift doors open, Heaton and Keery ignore her and instead lock lips with each other as she walks off in confusion.

Yes, it’s all very contrived and no doubt meant to boost ratings, grab our attention and help celebs look cool, but so what? At the end of the day each kiss will (we hope) help the world get a little more comfortable with same-sex affection. And that’s no bad thing.

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