We’re in love with this gay-affirming Aussie ad!


An Australian bank has made a powerful advert in support of same-sex love, no matter where it’s expressed.

Regardless of how out and proud we may be, it still takes guts to show affection or simply hold hands in public.

In fact, it’s likely that many of us simply choose not to do so when we’re in a predominantly heterosexual environment (i.e. just about all the time.)

Internalised homophobia is often deeply ingrained, as is our desire to not feel shamed or targeted by others, so that we may not even realise we are doing it.

A new advert by ANZ Australia, a long time sponsor of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the Auckland Pride Festival, has recognised that fact in a beautiful and moving advert.

It shows a number of same-sex couples who are in love and holding hands. But when faced with members of the public, how do the react? Do they stop or remain defiant in expressing their love?

“Even in 2017, the simple act of holding hands is still difficult for some people – let’s change that and #HoldTight”, says the company.

To support Pride in Australia and New Zealand, ANZ has decorated its ATMs with colourful and flamboyant Pride-themed artist-commissioned designs. The company has also actively campaigned for marriage equality in Australia.

Wouldn’t it be nice if South African banks and other companies had the vision to show their support for our community in similar ways?

Watch ANZ’s amazing advert below.

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