Gay-affirming Coke ad offers a refreshing take on sibling rivalry (Watch)


Coca-Cola has released a new television advert that features a brother and sister competing to attract the attention of a sexy pool boy.

Titled Pool Boy, the humorous ad refreshingly and naturally places same-sex attraction on an equal footing as heterosexual attraction.

In the video, two teen siblings – a boy and a girl – spot the hunky handyman cleaning the pool.

After ogling him for a while, they decide to grab a Coke from the fridge in an attempt to be the first to offer to quench his thirst.

As they trip each up other up on the way out the house, they don’t realise that someone has already beaten them to the prize.

The advert is one of a series of new spots produced for the soft-drink company as part of its #TasteTheFeeling campaign.

“We wanted to position an ice-cold Coca-Cola as the ultimate object of desire, but also tell an emotional, human story – pretty much following the spirit of the campaign to integrate product benefits with emotional brand values,” Rodolfo Echeverria, Coke’s VP-global creative, told AdAge.

“This story has more layers, including a ‘wink’ that touches on our point of view regarding diversity and inclusion,” he added. “We are managing our culturally relevant messages organically within our campaign spots not as the main subject of the story but as subtext.”

Watch the ad below.

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