Here’s the newest gay reality show – Fire Island (Watch)


Logo, the channel behind RuPaul’s Drag Race, has released the trailer for its new gay reality series, Fire Island.

The concept is simple. Take a group of virile, regularly-shirtless gay men, and thrown them into a beachfront house in the middle of what’s been called “the gay Disneyland”. Stir, and see what happens…

The show will document the men’s fun and drama as they search for the romance, temptation and thrills that have brought the LGBTQ community to the island for decades.

Located in the state of New York, Fire Island has since the 1940s been a gay party mecca during the summer months in the US, attracting thousand of visitors looking for a good time.

The cast of Fire Island includes:

Khasan – A dancer on break from his successful career after performing with pop legends like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. He invites his friends to Fire Island to help him decide if he should move from Los Angeles to New York to be with his boyfriend.

Jorge – After leaving his boyfriend and career as a doctor behind in Venezuela, Jorge moved to New York City to work as a marketing strategist. He goes to Fire Island to have an adventure of a lifetime with his best friend, Khasan.

Brandon – Photographer and NYU student Brandon is full of life and ready for any adventure. He is on the hunt for love during his first summer on Fire Island.

Cheyenne – Entrepreneur and model Cheyenne brings his fiery and passionate personality to the beach house. While launching his brand he must navigate the island’s temptations.

Justin – The established NYC artist is using his trip to Fire Island as a way to break out of his shell and find new inspiration. With all the adventures the island has to offer, Justin tries to navigate it all without losing focus on his new boyfriend.

Patrick – Rather than lounge away the summer, Patrick is spending his time on Fire Island working and using his time to figure out his next step post heartbreak. He also stirs the pot with his housemates with his eccentric, “no-backing-down” personality.

The show looks like it’ll either be stacks of fun or an embarrassing mess – or, if we’re lucky, both! Either way, we’re intrigued. Watch the trailer below.

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