These 5 locally produced queer podcasts are worth a listen


Whether you’ve only just dipped your toes into the podcast pond, or whether you’re a seasoned podcast enthusiast, you might have found it difficult to discover locally produced content with a queer angle amongst the sea of international shows available via this medium.

We’ve sourced five queer-focused or -related podcasts for your listening pleasure – read on to learn more.


AfroQueer’s first episode was released in 2018, and it is still exploring relevant issues related to the continent’s LGBT community. AfroQueer is produced by the African, queer-focused digital media organisation, None on Record, and aims to tell stories about “queer Africans living, loving, surviving and thriving on the African continent and diaspora”.

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My Only Story

Not for sensitive listeners, My Only Story is a four-part true crime podcast by the openly gay Deon Wiggett. His harrowing first-person account of the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a former teacher and later Media24 journalist and senior corporate executive, Willem Breytenbach, ultimately led to Breytenbach’s arrest on a number of counts of indecent and sexual assault in December 2019. Breytenbach is currently out on bail, with his case expected to be heard on 17 November this year.

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Mannetjiesvrou is a podcast dedicated to the experiences of Afrikaans-speaking lesbians. Despite the cultural baggage associated with growing up in an Afrikaans household, Mannetjiesvrou doesn’t take itself too seriously, and all conversations are meant to feel like they are taking place “in die voorkamer van die lesbiër” (“in the lesbian’s lounge”).

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GaySA Radio podcasts

The archive of the longest-running local online radio station dedicated to the LGBTQI+ community is a treasure trove of some of the content that has been featured on GaySA Radio. Topics include pop culture, the arts and legal advice surrounding pertinent LGBT issues, among a range of others.

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Being Me

Produced by East Coast Radio, Being Me is an Indian, KwaZulu-Natal-based gay man’s account of his road to acceptance in the face of adversity. Each episode is bite-sized and easy to fit in if you’re short on time. The series concludes when the KZN man opens up during a no-holds barred interview with radio personality, Jane Linley-Thomas.

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