Former Afrikaans boyband singer Jay du Plessis in gay slur furore

Afrikaans singer Jay du Plessis

Jay du Plessis, who is also known simply as Jay (Pics: Facebook)

Afrikaans singer Jay du Plessis, who is known for his stint in the boy band Eden, has defended his use of an unacceptable gay slur on Twitter.

Last week, the SAMA-nominated du Plessis, who has more than 83,000 followers, shared a tweet that ridiculed a series of images of male models wearing “edgy” and gender non-confirmed fashion.

“Disturbing to say the least. At least I’m raising my 4 boys Afrikaans,” commented an offended Du Plessis in response to the post. “They are more manly as children than these ‘men’,” adding “Woke = broke.”

Social media users questioned what he meant by “manly” and ridiculed his statement while posting images of du Plessis in his twinky boy band heyday.

Eden launched in 1997 and prominently presented du Plessis as an often-shirtless and arguably gay-baiting sex symbol. He and the group performed at gay clubs like Legends and at LGBTQ event such as the Pink Jacaranda festival in 2009.

On Twitter, Du Plessis was called out for his toxic concept of masculinity and conservative ideas about Afrikaner identity as well as his own past fashion choices and imagery.

Notably, @fagtanica pointed out, “You were literally the most feminine member of a boy band,” to which du Plessis, replied, “You’re completely out of touch radical f*gg*t. Go play”. (Du Plessis’s comment is no longer visible “because it violated the Twitter Rules.”)

After being criticised for the slur, the singer argued that he only used the word because he was responding to @fagtanica who used the term “radical f*gg*t” in his tagline, not seeming to understand that non-queer people have no business bandying about the word. He also accused his critics of being “snowflakes” and proponents of cancel culture.

“So when you are white, Afrikaans and straight, you, your job, your children, your faith and your norms and values ​​may be attacked for days if you do not do this… like or believe it’s manly,” he complained.

Du Plessis went on to insist that he is not homophobic. “I have never and never will have any ill feelings or judgement about any person’s sexual orientation. Anyone claiming otherwise are being dishonest and are taking a conversation out of context to suit their own narrative. My opinion on fashion pics had no sexual orientation link,” he said.

Despite his moralistic profession of upholding his “faith… norms and values”, in 2018 a repentant Du Plessis took to Facebook to admit that he’d sent pictures of himself in his underwear to a woman other than his wife.

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