Lesbian traumatised after being raped by “father figure”


Activists and supporters gathered at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court to demand justice for lesbian rape survivor Nadine (Photos: Chaz Warries)

A 30-year-old lesbian from Johannesburg was brutally attacked and raped by someone she regarded as a father figure.

The 16 January assault of Nadine in Riverlea is being described as an incident of “corrective rape”, in which a person is raped to “fix” their queer sexuality.

It was first reported via a statement by Chaz Warries, an activist and LGBTQ spokesperson for the Patriotic Alliance political party.

According to Warries, the alleged perpetrator – who Nadine knew – lured her to take a walk with him to a nearby shop. However, before they reached their destination, the man allegedly started verbally threatening her and then began to choke her.

“Nadine said this seemed very much like a planned attack because she is a lesbian,” explained Warries, who has been assisting the victim in securing legal and psychosocial support from organisations such as the Aurum Institute and Access Chapter 2.

“She thought she was going to die as she was almost beaten into a pulp against the head with what she believed to be a gun,” he said.

The suspect allegedly continued to viciously beat her and then raped her. A traumatised Nadine told Warries that she is in shock because she had looked up to the man as a father figure for most of her life.

“It was a hectic ordeal,” Warries said to Mambaonline. “This thing broke her emotionally. When he raped her, she lost her innocence. It’s very emotional.” Nadine, however, has expressed her appreciation for the support from her community.

A suspect has been arrested and is in custody. To add insult to injury, he is reportedly claiming that he and Nadine – who only dates women – were having an affair.

On 26 January, a group of LGBTQ and GBV activists and Patriotic Alliance supporters gathered outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court for the suspect’s appearance and to demand justice for Nadine. The matter was postponed to 7 February for his bail application.

The Patriotic Alliance, which is opposed to the man being granted bail, has promised to “follow this case to the very end and make sure the perpetrator pays for his vile act.”

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