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There are times when we just want to meet new people and make friends. You know, widen your social circle, get out into the world with fellow LGBTQI+ people and have some fun. However, finding how to make this happen may seem like a bit of a challenge. At least, to begin with.

We all long for companionship and to be understood, to create our own tribe where we are completely accepted without prejudice or judgment. After speaking to various members of the LGBTQ+ community we concluded that making platonic friendships within the queer community is not always as easy as one might think. This is especially true for those of us who are looking for an alternative to clubbing, or apps predominantly meant for hook-ups or dating, and an opportunity to meet more of our queer tribe.

Take a Hike

Hiking is one way to connect with others and enjoy nature at the same time. It’s a great way to make friends and be part of a community.  The Day Hiking Group is a hiking group based in Johannesburg, primarily gay and lesbian focused, but open to all. As long as participants are open minded and respectful – and have an affinity for the great outdoors – Dayhikers welcomes anyone wanting to join their excursions.

The group provides a safe haven for queer folk to explore Gauteng and its surrounding areas and is perfect for any fitness level. Bring your straight friends along with one of Johannesburg’s longest standing gay and lesbian hiking groups and enjoy gorgeous scenery, friendship and, often, a light lunch.

Of course, some of the most beautiful scenery in the country is in the Cape. The Cape Town Gay Hiking club has that covered and provides a welcoming sanctuary for gay adventurers who are keen to meet others while checking out some of the most breath-taking views in South Africa.

Go Camp

There are a number of camping grounds in South Africa – such as Die Windpomp and Voelkop – that cater to gay men exclusively. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet new friends around a camp fire, or to get out into nature with a group of existing friends, where you know you are free to be who you are without any judgment, or nosy neighbours.

It also allows visitors to simply unwind and relax – and there is no better way to enjoy some restorative time out than to hang with your best friends.

Get down to business

Networking groups are marvellous ways of connecting with business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s the best way to find support on your journey to creating your own successful business. Village Drinks Cape Town provides exactly this opportunity for gay people to find a way to network and support each other in business

The group has monthly events in and around Cape Town. The next event takes place on 30 July at Warwick Wine Estate.

Make beautiful music together

Want to make friends? Have a wonderful singing voice? Or do you and your friends simply enjoy listening to fantastic music? Johannesburg Queer Chorus is an excellent organisation to support – whether you sing or enjoy listening to others sing.

Many queer folk adore great music and want to support other queer music groups, and attending recitals by Johannesburg Queer Chorus is an ideal way to get out there, support a queer organisation and have an incredible time.

This Johannesburg group of talented individuals performs several times a year and does look for new members to join them.

One thing is certain is that queer friends are definitely out there, waiting to be discovered, so you don’t have to despair about finding your tribe. And, if all else fails, gather some of your existing queer folk, take the plunge, and start a gathering of your own to share that sense of friendship and belonging.

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