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ADVERTORIAL: WEIGHING YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: It's a few weeks into 2013 and many people have probably already started slipping when it comes to their well-intentioned New Year's resolution. You may have planned to lose weight but have you stuck to it?
THE SUN & YOUR SKIN THIS SUMMER: The sun might well be vital for life as we know it, but too much exposure to it can cause havoc with your skin, leading to burns and long term damage. Dr Maureen Allem gives us the lowdown on protecting your skin and health this summer.
ADVERTORIAL: SLAYING DRAGONS: The face that often stares back at many of us from the mirror has developed blotches, lines and wrinkles while we weren’t looking. It’s time to fight back!
ADVERTORIAL: INVESTING IN YOUR SKIN: Whether you’re into hedge funds, pension plans or anything connected with a positive return on investment over time, you can apply that same concept to looking after your skin.
ADVERTORIAL: THAT RED FACE MAY NOT BE BLUSHING: In life there’s a great deal to blush about, but a red face may not be due to embarrassment. There are also two skin conditions that'll leave you literally red in the face.
ADVERTORIAL: LIFE OF THE PARTY?: Remember when you were the life of the party, dancing around the pool? Well, thanks to the winter slump, dancing around the pool this summer is now probably out of the question!
ADVERTORIAL: DEALING WITH HYPERPIGMENTATION: I recently decided to do some research on hyperpigmentation. Or, in everyday language, the marks left behind once acne has subsided or as a result of sun damage.
ADVERTORIAL: IN A PERFECT WORLD: In real life, skin issues can’t simply be photoshopped away. But there are a few skin conditions, such as ingrown hairs and warts, that can be treated in a relatively short period.
ADVERTORIAL: REPAIRING DAMAGED SKIN: You laughed, smoked and tanned your twenties and thirties (even forties) away, but nowadays the mirror has ceased to be your best friend...
ADVERTORIAL: UNWELCOME FROWN LINES: Those frown-lines between your eyes, coupled with the newly formed eye bags and dark rings transform any jovial character into a dreaded monster...