Whether you’re into hedge funds, retirement annuities, pension plans or anything connected with a positive return on investment over time, you can apply that same concept to looking after your skin at a younger age and reaping the benefits later.

ROL (return on investment) is what every businessperson is looking for. And, in this case, to help you get a positive return on your skin, Skin Renewal clinics can advise on investing in the right sort of treatment to help you look younger for longer.

Just as we were taught when we were young to save and not just live for immediate gratification, it’s important to give your skin the same attention.

In our twenties we are invincible. We’re convinced we’ll live forever and never have wrinkles or look older. At that age, you can party through the night and work the next day and the effect on your skin is negligible. But, like saving or not saving, the ageing effect is cumulative and by 35 plus years of age, the care or abuse that you have given your skin will start to show.

Basic skin care advice

• Your first and most important step to take is to wear sun block, whether you are in the sun or not. Remember, up to 80% of skin aging is caused by the sun.

• Healthy living and diet will contribute to your skin and body being in good health and being able to rejuvenate itself as is needed

• Good skin care, cleaning and moisturising to prevent dry and dull looking skin will keep it plump, smooth and blemish free.

While these tips can help delay it, the ageing process cannot ultimately be stopped.

According to the experts, removing some skin at an earlier age will stimulate the growth of new collagen and this might actually slow down the ageing process significantly, allowing you to have healthier, better looking skin as you grow older.

The evidence suggests that treating skin with lasers between the ages of 30 and 40 may actually slow or prevent the skin from breaking down and appearing wrinkled and saggy later on in life.

Pearl ™ Laser Peel Treatment

Skin Renewal clinics offer the Pearl, a new revolutionary technique for patients to treat the top layer of skin with light pulses in a pre-selected pattern, while the laser sends heat to the deeper layers of skin simultaneously to provide longer term benefits. The Pearl is a great treatment for patients with more or less damage to the skin as it can be set to treat more superficial as well as deeper skin problems, depending on the patient’s needs.

You also don’t have to wait months before you see a return on investment. The effects are immediately visible after just one treatment and, within about four to five days, new skin will have been formed and pigmentation, wrinkles, splotchy skin and skin texture will have been improved.

The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and the whole face can be treated or just specific areas that need attention. A local numbing agent is applied beforehand to reduce discomfort. After the procedure, the skin might be slightly swollen and for the first two days it will feel as if you have sunburn. By the third day, this skin peels or sloughs off and by day five you’ll feel more ‘socially acceptable’ again.

Whether we’re talking finance or your skin, a good return on any investment is worth investigating. Growing old gracefully is fine, but there’s no reason not to look as good as possible while doing it. Wrinkles have never gone down well in an investment portfolio!

Aside from the Pearl treatment, there are many other options at Skin Renewal. In consultation with their medical doctor and professional team you can make an informed decision as to how you’d like to invest in your skin.

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