SA legal group applies to challenge Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in court: The Centre for Applied Legal Studies, based in Johannesburg, intends to intervene in the litigation around Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act.
The Queer Superhero Show launches in Joburg (Photos): The newest series of The Queer Superhero Show was recently launched at Ampd Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg. MambaOnline was there!
Gallery: 2018 Cape Town Pride Mardi Gras: After the parade through the city, Saturday’s 2018 Cape Town Pride celebrations really kicked off at Reddam
Advertorial: Skin dehydration and sun damage: It’s not fair! The holidays were too short and here we are, back at work again and it’s still a beautiful summer
ADVERTORIAL: DOUBLE TROUBLE CHIN!: As Churchill grew older, so did his multiple chins – along with the expansion of his waist. Although it’s rather funny
GROOMING: DEALING WITH SPIDER & VARICOSE VEINS: We all have our little obsessions about certain areas of our anatomy that don’t quite conform to
ADVERTORIAL: ANTI-AGEING LASER TREATMENT: I absolutely love getting into a lift (or any intimate confined space) when a great-smelling, well dressed metro-male
ADVERTORIAL: A HEALTHY HEART: I hope that over the past festive season your heart rate only went up because of excitement and anticipation – and not because
ADVERTORIAL: RESHAPE YOUR BODY: I’m sure, that like me, you thought you would never look older nor have extra bits that don’t quite fit onto the perfect human shape.
ADVERTORIAL: PERFECTION NOT COMMON: I love a man with beautiful skin. You know what I’m talking about; a smooth, evenly coloured skin that looks freshly shaven
ADVERTORIAL: THE SMOOTH ADONIS LOOK: When last have you seen a gorgeous male model – advertising some fancy watch, cologne or anything else desirable
ADVERTORIAL: GET READY FOR YOUR RED CARPET: Just imagine how terrified those world famous actors must be when they walk down the red carpet at a glittering awards ceremony. They know that their every flaw will be caught on camera.
ADVERTORIAL: WEIGHING YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: It's a few weeks into 2013 and many people have probably already started slipping when it comes to their well-intentioned New Year's resolution. You may have planned to lose weight but have you stuck to it?
THE SUN & YOUR SKIN THIS SUMMER: The sun might well be vital for life as we know it, but too much exposure to it can cause havoc with your skin, leading to burns and long term damage. Dr Maureen Allem gives us the lowdown on protecting your skin and health this summer.
ADVERTORIAL: SLAYING DRAGONS: The face that often stares back at many of us from the mirror has developed blotches, lines and wrinkles while we weren’t looking. It’s time to fight back!
ADVERTORIAL: INVESTING IN YOUR SKIN: Whether you’re into hedge funds, pension plans or anything connected with a positive return on investment over time, you can apply that same concept to looking after your skin.
ADVERTORIAL: THAT RED FACE MAY NOT BE BLUSHING: In life there’s a great deal to blush about, but a red face may not be due to embarrassment. There are also two skin conditions that'll leave you literally red in the face.
MARC JACOBS BANG BANG & LIFESTEM: An independent spirit with a clean sophistication. That's the new Marc Jacobs Bang Bang fragrance. Plus, get healthier with LifeStem. WIN fragrance & hampers.
ADVERTORIAL: LIFE OF THE PARTY?: Remember when you were the life of the party, dancing around the pool? Well, thanks to the winter slump, dancing around the pool this summer is now probably out of the question!
ADVERTORIAL: DEALING WITH HYPERPIGMENTATION: I recently decided to do some research on hyperpigmentation. Or, in everyday language, the marks left behind once acne has subsided or as a result of sun damage.