skin_renewal_double_trouble_chinAs Churchill grew older, so did his multiple chins – along with the expansion of his waist. Although it’s rather funny to look at, it’s also obvious that there were no hi-tech rejuvenation or slimming clinics in those days.

Can you imagine that macho guy in a beauty clinic, complete with cigar and a glass of single malt whiskey? Too funny to even contemplate!

Yes, he is an extreme example of what a double chin and sagging jowls could look like, but if you don’t like your profile and would like to get rid of that extra chin, you have the option these days to regain that sleeker jawline with a minimum of fuss!

Double chin

For the younger among us, the double chin could consist of extra fat and not much extra skin. For those of us a bit more advanced in age it could be a combination of extra fat as well as loose skin.

Whatever the problem or the reason, it’s not something that you’ll willingly post on Facebook: a double chin will probably see you avoiding the camera at social functions.

Combination treatment for best results

It’s been shown in various studies that over time adipose tissue becomes lazy and starts to store excess fat. As one ages the skin’s elasticity decreases and, with gravity pulling it down, the results are no longer flattering. A sleek jawline, once a ‘thing of beauty’, has now become a bit blurred and saggy.

At Skin Renewal they’ve found that combining various treatments often gives better results than just relying on one type of therapy. They will advise you on the best combo for your specific problem. Options include:

Lipodissolve™ is used to diminish localised fat deposits by injecting a natural substance called lecithin in a cocktail with growth factors and peptides. The lecithin dissolves the fat cell and causes fat reduction while the other ingredients strengthen the dermis, stimulate collagen production (which is the major support structure of the skin), causing an overall improvement in skin texture.

Next is a choice of radiofrequency treatments (VelaShape™, Tri-Pollar™, Accent™) which use radio waves to heat and cause fat cells to disrupt and skin to tighten. The heating, deep in the dermal layers, improves circulation, spreads the Lipodissolve™ and promotes fibrous tissue breakdown.

Velashape™ and Velasmooth™ are a combination of infrared and conducted radiofrequency energies that heat the dermal and hypodermal tissue in the problem area to reduce the size of the fat cells. This combination treatment encourages collagen production to help tighten sagging and loose skin and lymphatic drainage is also increased.

Tripollar™ therapy treats resistant fat under the skin by heating the deep and superficial layers of fat and increasing the body’s metabolism and secretion of liquid fat. The heating causes the collagen fibres to contract and also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibres which will strengthen the dermis. Afterwards, the fat cells shrink in size and skin is restored closer to its original form and is tightened.

Accent™ rejuvenates and tightens skin by treating two layers of skin at the same time and is used to improve the skin’s surface texture as well as stimulating collagen production. The localised heating that it produces causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres and increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts which will increase the production of new collagen and elastin fibres to strengthen the dermis. There is an immediate visible difference for those who can’t wait to see the results!

Saving the best for last, there’s the Titan® procedure. This treatment will lift and tighten skin between one and three millimetres (in a single treatment), which sounds very little but it makes an immediate visible difference to your appearance.

Titan® uses a light-based platform to distribute the energy to heat the deep dermis. The longer term effects of firmer and tighter skin become visible once the body has produced more collagen.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that neck waddle and get back to that Adonis-looking-real-you to make sure you’re ready for a great summer!

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