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Sex Positivity: Embracing Love, Life, and Liberation: Sex positivity is about tackling internalised stigma to claim our space, our bodies, and our right to enjoy sex without judgment or shame.
U=U is Freedom: Loving Your Best Life: Learn about U=U and how it empowers individuals living with HIV and their partners to live their best lives without fearing the virus.
Men2Men Health: Don’t Worry, Be Savvy: Many guys avoid dealing with their sexual health. Here's why it’s important to overcome that fear for a healthier, more confident life.
Relationships: Love is Love, But Not the Same: Relationships among gay and bi men are as diverse as the individuals involved. Here are some of the many types of connections guys can have.
HIV Risk: Top vs Bottom: Did you know that bottom partners are 13 times more likely to become infected with HIV than insertive top partners during sex. Here's why!
Frisky to risky – HIV and STI risk: When it comes to sex and the risk of HIV and other STIs, it's important to note that the risk level can vary depending on several factors.
Oh crab! – Let’s talk about pubic lice: If you have pubic lice (crabs), don’t feel alarmed or ashamed. Here's what you need to know about these itchy and tiny unwelcome guests.
MSM: The low-down on the down-low: The term "men who have sex with men," or MSM, can be confusing, as is the idea that a man can identify as straight but still have sexual contact with men.
Infidelity – can a relationship be saved?: Infidelity is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a marriage or a relationship. Can the trust ever be rebuilt?
Here’s how you can stay positive in 2023: Wondering how to think positively in the New Year, despite uncertain times? Here are several things you can do to stay positive in 2023!