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“I’m scared to be among my own brothers and sisters” says gay Zimbabwean activist: Activists in the gay immigrant community are urging police in Cape Town to arrest two people accused of assaulting a gay man.
Gay refugees denied asylum by Home Affairs bigotry – report: A new report confirms that LGBT refugees are being denied asylum in South Africa despite being “eligible for protection under international and domestic law”.
Gay Congolese man’s harrowing journey to reach asylum in South Africa: Saadi Ali Tokiti, a 32-year-old gay Congolese man applying for asylum, says that when he tried to report a homophobic assault in June, Manenberg police refused to open a case.
Gay couples complain of discrimination at Home Affairs: A 32-year-old gay woman from Khayelitsha said she recently tried to marry her partner at the Khayelitsha Home Affairs office but the official refused, claiming her partner’s ID had expired. The official also asked her who was the top, who was the bottom?
Being a refugee and a lesbian is difficult, says Somali woman: Many gay and lesbian refugees fleeing persecution in other African countries seek
Gay immigrants campaign for acceptance: Shamsa Ally Haji is an immigrant from Somalia. She is also lesbian. “It’s difficult for me to go to other Somali nationals