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It’s Christmas time! Yay! Now, even if you’re Muslim or Jewish, that’s no reason not to celebrate the gift-giving season. After all, our entire modern civilisation is based on shopping (ask any economist). There’s never a bad excuse not to swap gifts with friends and loved ones. And why not splurge by treating yourself to a fabulous present – with love, from you!

In the spirit of excessive consumerism, (we’re proudly doing our bit to keep the global economy afloat) we’re pleased to present our exclusive selection of desirable things to buy, give or demand, these holidays.

A tip: Unless you’re shopping for books, music or DVDs don’t even bother looking online at South African retail websites for anything else. From Edgars to Loads of Living to Stuttafords, you’ll be shocked at the ineptitude of these online presences. Shame!

Notable Books

Warning: Greg Thompson

Without a doubt the hottest coffee-table book of the year! This large format adults-only book gives the porn world of Chi Chi Larue a glamorous sheen. There’s nothing trashy here, as American fashion photographer Greg Thompson delivers stylised cool-erotic hard-core portraits of porn stars. Available at selected Exclusive Books or on Amazon.

About R300 – R500

Lunar Park: Brett Easton Ellis

By the writer of American Psycho, this new novel is a fascinating faux autobiography, which blurs reality with fiction in an often very disconcerting way (e.g. he’s gay in real life, but in the book married to a woman). Based on the experience of becoming a famous author overnight, the book takes you an often disturbing voyage.

About R130

Jamie’s Italy: Jamie Oliver

Everyone needs a good cook book (or a hundred). In Jamie’s Italy, Jamie travels the famously gastronomic country, paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of recipes, old and new, that will ensure Italy’s influence reaches your kitchen.

Around R250

Talk to the Hand: Lynne Truss

When did the world get to be so rude? From Lynne Truss (author of the absolutely briliant Eats, Shoots & Leaves) comes another witty diatribe – this time against everyday rudeness. This is a call to arms for anyone who’s fed up with the brutality inflicted by boorish modern manners.

About R140

Memorable Music

Confessions on a Dancefloor: Madonna

One of Madge’s most fun and most repeatable albums ever, it’s destined to be a classic. From the disco high of Hung Up to the determined pumping Jump, it’s full of assertive dance anthems for a crazy-mixed-up world. The queen is back.

Around R130

The Understanding: Royksopp

The Understanding is less laid back than Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp’s previous album, but it’s no less catchy or clever. The result is a dance album full of film score samples and lush electronica, combined with a more mature sound. For the discerning electro-connoisseur.

Approx R130

Ultimate Collection: Eurythmics

Daring and provocative, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart sold millions of records with their sophisticated, adult-oriented pop. Here the legendary 80s synthpop duo present this greatest hits collection of 19 of their finest tunes.

Aout R160

Aerial: Kate Bush

The original Tori Amos! Aerial marks the long awaited return of Kate Bush – one of the UK’s most unique musical figures. The double album is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Kate to her fans and to introduce her work to a whole new audience. She’s weird, but good.

About R160

Collectable DVDS

Bad Education ( La Mala Educación)

One of finest films of the last year or so. Director Pedro Almodovar, together with the dishy Gael Garcia Bernal, tells the tale of two boys – Ignacio and Enrique – who discover love, movies and fear in a Catholic school. Spanish with subtitles.
About R150

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls remain one of the funniest and most-loved sitcoms ever – especially by gay men who instantly connected with these sassy ladies. The first two seasons have been released in the states, with the third on the way. Buy them on Amazon.

Approx R120

Faithless Live At Alexandra Palace

Recorded on April 30th, 2005 at one of their sell out London shows, this release sees the culmination of 10 years of Faithless hits; anthems that have shaped dance music globally and sold in excess of eight million records.

About R 170

Kylie: Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour

While Kylie’s still in recovery, the DVD of her spectacular Showgirl tour, in which she performs over twenty-five of her greatest hits, has just been released. What better way to wish her well than to groove to her beat in the lounge…

Around R180

Entertaining Gadgets

Apple iPOD Nano

The smallest iPod to date! Sure there are other cheaper MP3 options, but none are as stylish as Apple’s. (And yes, style does count.) With 2GB (500 songs) and 4GB (1,000 songs) models , the penc

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