Brazillian hunk joins Lost

Hunky Brazilian thespian Rodrigo Santoro – who is often called the Brazilian Tom Cruise – has joined the ever-expanding cast of Lost. The actor has previously appeared in films such as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (can we ever forget him walking out of that sea in those boardshorts?) and Love Actually. We’re not yet sure what role he’ll play in the disturbing – but brilliant – island castaway drama, but he certainly only adds to the already many reasons to watch the show.

Whitney and Bobby finally split

It’s been confirmed that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are divorcing. The two have been in an on-off rollercoaster marriage for 14 years. Former pop-chart topper Whitney, who is 43, has been out of the public eye in recent years. Rumours have suggested that her life had spiraled into dire cesspool of drug addiction – apparently confirmed by pictures published in a US tabloid said to show her dirty home strewn with drug paraphernalia. (Whitney admitted in a TV interview that he had dabbled in drugs.) Fans of the once-admired diva will be pleased that she may finally have shrugged off what many see as the negative influence of Bobby (37), who’s had a fair amount of brushes with the law. Whitney stepped out in public this week for a music industry function looking somewhat worn out, but still more glamorous and happy that we’ve seen her in some time. Word is she is finally working on new music.

Rupert Everett spills the beans

Hollywood’s most out and proud actor, Rupert Everett, has slammed the entertainment industry for its homophobia. He claims that his open sexuality has meant that he has been repeatedly passed-over for leading-man roles. But he told the Daily Mail that staying in the closet in Hollywood is simply “too exhausting”. Rupert came out in 1989, and is best known for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding as well as The Next Best Thing with Madonna. The actor is promoting his autobiography – Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography – in which he spills the dirt on many of the Hollywood stars he’s gotten to know over the years. Referring to Julia Roberts, he describes what it takes to be a successful female star:

“If a girl is going to survive in Hollywood… Flocks of executive seagulls will try to take her and drop her onto the rocks. She must learn to fuck them before they fuck her if she is to survive, so she becomes a kind of she-man, a beautiful woman with invisible balls.”

He also writes about his friendship with Madonna, claiming that the superstar dropped many of her gay friends – including her gay brother Christopher – because husband guy Ritchie is not comfortable around gay men:

“This night marked the beginning of the end for Madonna and her younger brother, Christopher Ciccone. They had been inseparable in childhood and she had taken him with her to the material world, where he had provided a solid raft in the shark-infested waters. To know her at all you had to know him. But he and Guy were from different planets, and in a way the one’s success relied on the other not being there. Others were also on the way out. Guy was not particularly comfortable with queens, and so it was a last call for a lot of the disco bunnies and club-mix queens who made up the fabric of Madonna’s mantle.”

Rupert also reveals that he was chosen by Sharon Stone to star with her in Basic Instinct 2, but studio bosses refused to let his casting go ahead because of his sexuality. “My agent was told that, to all intents and purposes, a homosexual was a pervert in the eyes of America and the world would never accept me in the role,” he writes in the book.

If you’re intrigued by the world of celebrity superstars we reckon Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins: The Autobiography is an insider’s view of Hollywood that you won’t want to miss out on.

Brad joins Charlize’s gay marriage crusade

Not only is Brad Pitt one of the hottest men in the world, but he’s further forever endeared himself to our hearts by announcing that he will only get married when gays and lesbians have the same right. Bless. The 42 year old actor told Esquire magazine that, “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Some might cynically say it’s a cop-out – a way of not having to deal with the ongoing marriage question hanging over his relationship with Angelina Jolie, but we prefer to believe that he’s truly sincere in his stand. Actress Charlize Theron took the same position on her relationship with Stuart Townsend late last year, saying, “We came up with a new idea that we said we would get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married. The day that law is passed we’ll get married.” Double bless…

Liza’s divorce woes

Singing diva Liza Minnelli’s divorce feud with freakish husband David Gest continues to test the limits of celebrity mudslinging. The 60 year old singer has now claimed that David tried to poison her, according to divorce papers filed in New York. David, in return has accused Liza of hiding the fact that she is infected with herpes and is an alcoholic until after they got married. He’s hoping that if it can be proven that she lied this will qualify as fraud and thereby invalidate their pre-nuptial agreement – which means more cash in the divorce settlement. He is currently suing Liza for $10 million. Liza says that she was “living in fear of her husband throughout their 14 month long marriage and that he was “trying to poison her with drugs.” The divorce proceedings have been ongoing for some time: In 2003, David accused the Cabaret singer of physical assault. Liza’s lawyer, has responded that, “This whole thing is ridiculous.” (You don’t have to tell us that!) The two married in March 2002 in the midst of much publicity in a ceremony attended by an audience of celebrities including Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. Will anyone ever forget the bizarre brain-scarring kiss the couple shared after being pronounced man and wife?

Robbie continues to flirt with the gays

Robbie Williams may have successfully sued publishers for claiming that he was gay, but that hasn’t stopped the singer from throwing in the odd comment that makes us all wonder – and perhaps hope. Knowing full well that a large chunk of his fan base consists of gay men, the singer seems to actively cultivate an air of mystique and ambiguity around his sexual orientation. He recently was quoted as saying, “Living in Los Angeles, I’ve been on so many dates. I’ve developed relationships that have been short-lived, for whatever reason. The press have never found out. But I believe there’s one person out there for everybody. I hope that she – whoever I choose – is a good ‘un. Or he… you never know, you never know.” In other Robbie news, the singer might be in hot water over song lyrics included in his new album, Rudebox, which is set to be released next month. In one of the songs the sexy crooner slates Nigel Martin-Smith – the manager of his former boyband, Take That. The lyrics include nasty lines such as, “Either you’re a thief or you’re shit, which one will you admit to?”. It appears that Martin-Smith is not taking this lying down and has threatened legal action, which could force Robbie’s record label to remove the song from the CD. Well, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen we say…

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