The Sunday Times has reported that the first gay divorce in South Africa may be on the cards just over three months since same-sex unions were legalised.

According to the newspaper, Richard Thornton (52) and Andrew Jacobs (20) from Krugersdorp married under the Civil Union Act, which came into law on December 1 last year, on January 5 2007.

They had apparently only met less than a month before their marriage in a shopping mall in Johannesburg’s West Rand.

Thornton has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and desertion, with “coming home late” and “over-possessiveness” blamed for the split.

Nevertheless, Thorton is apparently hoping for a reconciliation with his spouse. He told the Sunday Times that, “We are married. We are still married until – if – the divorce comes through”. He also revealed that Jacobs has already moved in with another man.

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