New reports have suggested that the GLA’s Juan Uys, who was recently arrested for theft in Kroonstad, may be linked to the murder of a prison official in 1993.

According to the Volksblad newspaper Uys, who is register at home affairs under the name Juan-Duval Lt. Uys, willl have his fingerprints compared to those taken at a crime scene 14 years ago.

Sergeant Hennie Schmidt, was stabbed and beaten to death in a Kroonstad Department of Correctional Services kitchen in 1993, where Uys also worked. It has been suggested that the two men had been in relationship at the time. The murder has never been solved.

The report also reveal that Uys’s given name was Lodewikus, which he later changed, and that his arrest on the weekend was based on an outstanding warrant for the theft of R250, filed with the Table Bay harbour police in 2004.

Uys is expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s court on July 30 on the theft charge.

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