Matt Damon is Sexiest Man

People magazine has named 37 year old actor Matt Damon as the “Sexiest Man Alive” in its upcoming issue. It came as a bit of surprise to us at Mamba Mansions to be frank: while we all think Matt is delightful, we’re not too sure he’s quite the sexiest man alive. And let’s be honest – he’s actually a little past his prime. The magazine’s cover certainly doesn’t do him any favours. It seems Matt agreed with us, initially refusing the honour: “You’ve given an aging suburban dad the ego-boost of a lifetime,” he told the magazine. Other men on the list include 41 year old Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy, 31 year old Ryan Reynolds (who’d probably get our vote) and Brad Pitt (boring).

Reichen Lehmkuhl threatens to sue Lance

Professional hunk Reichen Lehmkuhl has threatened to get back at his ex, singer Lance Bass, because of unflattering comments about him in a recent interview with GQ magazine. Apparently Reichen’s lawyers say that the comments, in which Lance claims that Reichen cheated on him, are defamatory. Says Lance in the interview, “I thought, ‘Why does everyone hate him?” At the end, I was like, ‘Ok, everyone was right.’” The lawyer’s letter reportedly demands that Lance “cease and desist” talking about Reichen in public. “In the event that Mr. Bass declines…you are advised that we expressly reserve the right to address the circumstances in the appropriate forum in the appropriate time.” We’re not sure quite what that means, but it sounds to us like things could get pretty entertaining. Don’t stop talking Lance, don’t stop!

Justin Timberlake to play Sir Ian McKellen?

Well not really, but the openly gay actor (Ian McKellen that is) has revealed that should a movie or play ever be made about his life, he thinks Justin Timberlake should be the one to play him (no, not play with him). He reportedly said: “Justin vaguely resembles people in my family, and I think he is really talented.” Uhh, we have no doubt that it’s Justin’s much-vaunted thespian talents that have gotten Ian’s attention. Right…

UK Rugby stud to thank gay fans

UK Rugby hunk (if you like your men a little stockier and furry, and some of us do), Ben Cohen, is said to be planning a celebration in London to specifically thank his gay fans for all their support. The event is part of Ben’s commemoration of his ten year long rugby career and is expected to take place in March next year. Ben, who seems to rather enjoy taking off his shirt in photographs, has parlayed his good looks to ensure a loyal gay following. He’s even walked around in his underwear to raise funds for charity – and his 2008 calendar makes clear that he’s rather keen on himself as a sex symbol. We wouldn’t argue.

Boy George in trouble again

Tsk, tsk. That Boy George just can’t help being bad. It was reported in April that he had been accused of tying up a 28 year old rent boy against his will in his London flat. Now the matter has gone to the courts: Boy George, who was charged with “false imprisonment and common assault,” appeared in front of a Judge this week on the matter. The 47-year-old singer and DJ was released on bail and told to appear back in the Thames magistrates’ court on November 22. We can’t wait to hear his explanation of why he chained up his “guest” (they met on Gaydar) who managed to escape into the streets wearing only his underwear.

When c-list actors go bad

Actor Scott Cann, son of the legendary James Caan, got stroppy with a couple of photographers as he left a restaurant in Los Angeles this week. Sadly his choice of words left much to be desired, reportedly spewing: “You tryin to be nice about it? I saw you shootin me while I was eatin a cheeseburger. Fuckin jack-off. I’ll give you a thousand dollars to come fight me, how bout that? $2000. $2500. Ten grand if you’ll fight me. Get a real job, you faggot.” What kind of home was he brought up in? With his rather dismal acting career, we’d imagine that he’d be grateful for the attention.

Canadian hockey player nude scandal

While some sportmen are making a career of regularly appearing half naked, another is not so keen on the idea. Nineteen-year-old Czech Jiri Tlusty, who plays for the Toronto Maple Leaf ice hockey team in Canada, brought broad smiles to our faces thanks to a series of pictures posted around the web. The first shows the rather gorgeous stud-muffin almost swapping spit with another man, while the other image is one of those self-photographed cell phone nudie shots so popular with celebs. The latter picture is particularly pleasing, believe us. Sadly, Jiri brought out his lawyers and threats of lawsuits and the picture quickly disappeared off the web. He was reported as saying in response to the fracas that, “I am not gay or bi or nothing.” He also issued an official statement adding that, “I used poor judgment in this instance last season and I have learned a valuable lesson. It will not happen again and I have no further comment.” We believe that the best way he could learn his lesson is to ensure that the picture is plastered freely once more on the web.

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