The name says it all. Munro! I can see it spelt out in neon lights above packed theatres waiting for this rock kid to kick some butt…

Once again, a girl has taken the SA Idols crown. But while Jody Williams may be our new Idol, the fourth local season of the international TV franchise will also be remembered for the impact made by 26 year old Munro Du Toit from Stellenbosch.

For the first time, a rock-genre singer made it to the top three in the show – proving that a harder edge can also draw votes from SA viewers. Although, his boy next door good looks probably didn’t harm his popularity either…

When entering Idols, Munro drew inspiration from the huge success of the 2006 American Idol fourth-place finalist Chris Daughtry. Daughtry, who has racked up singles and clocked in mega album sales across the world, became the first real Idol contestant to break the pop mould and prove that POP is not necessarily Britney on a good day – but more about what the fans enjoy and approve of.

According to the Idols website, Munro sees life as a journey, and he’s determined to enjoy the ride! He considers himself quite the ladies’ man, loves his mama, and – very unlike the typical wild rock-star – is quite handy in the kitchen.

He says that was thrilled to make it into the top 100. Getting into the top 24 and then top 12 were even greater surprises. But he kept his feet on the ground.

“The struggle with a competition like this is that you are almost forced to sing a type of music that appeals more to the pop market. Daughtry’s record proved that rock can also be pop and thanks to similar bands I could sing tracks that I identify with better. And I got the votes!” says Munro.

“If I happen to inspire someone, then that’s a job well done. But I’m certainly no ‘Idol…’”

During our interview he sits very relaxed waiting for yet another results show. “If I go, I go. The important thing for me right now is that no matter what happens I cannot let falling out get to me and fade away. I must bounce back.”

In the same breath Munro added that if anyone should win this competition – “it’s Andriette,” who sadly came second to Cape Town’s 17-year old Williams.

The experience was a good one for him. Having set aside his band Alpha Bell for a few months to follow this dream, Munro confirmed that his band had already written and recorded an album and once all the fuss of Idols was over they would hopefully release.

He adds that his success on the show could also lie in the fact that as a musician he knows how to work the crowd. He’s got the confidence to entertain and, with a voice like his, he gets it right every time!

“The overall experience has been amazing. I’ve made great connections with industry professionals and I’ve learnt a lot about what to expect when I’m out there doing the real thing. I love the thought of touring and taking my music to the fans. Especially those who voted for me on Idols and kept me in the show up to the top three. I don’t want to disappoint them!”

Leading a settled life as a full time musician, our hunky Cancerian disagrees completely that he’s some sort of pin up heart throb.

“I’d rather know that people respect me than that they see me as some sort of untouchable hero. I’m human and to me only God should be worshipped. But, if I happen to inspire someone, then that’s a job well done. But I’m certainly no ‘Idol.’”

Having changed the local perception of Idols by becoming our very own rock kid, Munro feels he has encouraged the growth of the local rock industry. SA Idols hasn’t produced a really popular winner since Heinz Winckler. Perhaps with the next season of Idols we’ll see more realistic performers come to the fore who actually evolve into memorable artists on the local and international music scene.

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