Jesse Metcalfe shirtless shock!

Okay, we’re not really shocked to see Desperate Housewives’s Jesse Metcalfe with his shirt off (how else would the boy make a living?), but we thought we’d share a couple of pics that have recently come to light on the actor’s MySpace page anyway. Try not to drool…

James Franco talks loving Sean Penn

Spiderman’s James Franco says that Sean Penn is his best ever on-screen love interest. The hunky actor was asked by Entertainment Weekly how Sean compares to his other film love interests such as actresses Kirsten Dunst and Neve Campbell. “The top,” he replied, adding “He’s a little hairier than those other ones, but oh well…” James plays Sean’s lover in the biopic Milk, about the assassinated San Francisco politician, directed by Gus van Sant. “I know the two main questions I’m going to be asked in the next year are ‘How much pot did you smoke?’ [in the upcoming film Pineapple Express] and ‘What was it like to kiss Sean Penn?'” he quipped.

Ewan McGregor and Jim Carey visit gay bar

Everyone’s playing gay in Hollywood! Ewan McGregor and Jim Carey were spotted recently at Martini Tuesday, a gay bar in Miami. The actors were apparently friendly and approachable while hanging out with each other and the local gays. No they haven’t suddenly started batting for our team; they’re said to be doing research for the film I Love You Phillip Morris, in which they play lovers. The dark comedy is based on a true story about a conman who falls in love with his cellmate who is later released. This leads him to escape from prison four times to be with his man-love.

Reichen bitter and single

Amazing Race winner and international ‘gaylebrity’ Reichen Lehmkuhl is single. He announced his split from the equally gorgeous Ryan Barry on his MySpace page by changing his status to single. And he’s clearly bitter and twisted about the whole thing. Reichen had a few choice words for his newest ex: “You Shady Lying Sack of Shit. You’re BEYOND Gross.” He throws in some tips for dating in Hollywood including, “Never believe them when they say they’re in love with you;” “Never underestimate their need for celebrity, money and fame;” and “Never EVER believe love is more important to them than anything Hollywood.” Ouch.

Tom Cruise does Oprah, did Cher

Tom Cruise has been in the news of late thanks to two prominent women. It’s been announced that the actor will be appearing on Oprah for the first time since his much-ridiculed couch gymnastics. The interview will be broadcast on Friday in the US and will celebrate 25 years since Tom first appeared in his breakout film Risky Business. He’ll no doubt be hoping that this time round Oprah’s magic will boost his public image. Also, this week Cher has finally talked about her affair with the actor. The 61 year old singer and actress said that the fling with Tom in the 80’s could have been “a great romance” if the demands of their careers hadn’t forced them apart. She was 39 at the time, while he was 23. “I was crazy about him. He was shy,” she revealed to Oprah. “It’s not every man who can be comfortable with me. Being Cher is a hard thing and difficult for him to hold his place,” said the Oscar winner about her love life.

Neil Patrick Harris spills the beans

How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris has spilled the beans on just about every aspect of his personal life on shock-jock Howard Stern’s radio show. In the interview he said that he had been attracted to boys since the age of 13 – although this didn’t stop him from bedding 12 to 15 women before he decided he really was gay. The now openly gay Neil also revealed that he is “versatile” in the bedroom with his boyfriend – fellow thespian David Burtka. Neil was also asked how he felt about gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s prolonged campaign to out him, to which he replied: “Well it’s a tricky subject because people decide they want to be out in the open whether in a public forum or in their family at their own time. But Perez is from a generation that feels like it’s a non-issue. It’s offensive to him when people don’t declare that, because in his world, it’s always been a part of who he is.”

David Beckham’s new (fugly) look

We almost wept when we saw pictures of David Beckham at a soccer match in the US over the weekend. The style icon and sex symbol chose to appear on the field sporting a shockingly scary beard. We’re not sure what that’s all about. Perhaps he had a fallout with Gillette and wanted to make a point? Regardless, we hope, nay insist, that he shaves that scruffy rug off his face before we retract his honorary ‘gayhood.’

Cynthia to get hitched

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon is said to be planning to marry her girlfriend Christine Marinoni. According to the National Enquirer, Cynthia, known for her role as Miranda on the show and the upcoming move spin-off, decided to tie the knot following her battle with breast cancer. The magazine claims that the low-key and intimate ceremony, planned for Vermont, will also be a way of Cynthia showing her appreciation for Christine’s remarkable support during her successful surgery and radiation treatment.

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