Science Fiction has rarely been a genre associated with the gay community, traditionally catering to the strictly straight male audience. Scantily-clad women (both human and alien) have often been used as a hetero-demographic-pleaser in Sci-fi media, from Kirk’s various seductive conquests to Princess Leia’s unforgettable metal bikini.

But with the advent of the internet, it seems that there are more female and gay sci-fi fans exploding from the proverbial closet than ever before; clamoring to be visually assaulted with images of sexy studs to compete with the sultry babes we’ve seen a million times before.

Of late, the most popular sci-fi shows of the small-screen have not only been bursting at the seams with paranormal elements, but also men we’d love to sink our teeth into. From sexy aliens to inter-dimensional space travelers, our gay inner-geeks have never been happier with fantasy television.

For all of us who’ve had nerdish (and erotic) fantasies involving the sci-fi heroes of our youth, it’s time to pay homage to the gorgeous new men of the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres.

As played by Chad Faust (The 4400)

The identity-challenged ex-coma patient Kyle Baldwin begins our list, with a unique sensuality that kept viewers riveted throughout The 4400’s three year run. His toned, athletic body popped up several times throughout the series, proving that producers know what keeps audiences coming back again and again. Unfortunately, Kyle’s pecs weren’t enough to prevent the untimely cancellation of the show, so who knows when we’ll get to see the sexy Chad Faust amongst the paranormal again?

As played by Michael Shanks. (Stargate – SG1)

Originally played by James Spader in the Stargate feature film, Doctor Daniel Jackson received a truly awesome makeover upon his entry into the world of television. Sporting a jaw-line and buff physique that Spader could only dream of, Michael Shanks brought a much needed hunkiness to the bespectacled character. The death-defying linguist featured on the show for almost its entire 10 year run (and the recent made for DVD movies), and never lost a single ounce of that genius charm.


As played by Zachary Levi (Chuck)

A recent addition to our TV line-up, this series features the exploits of a 20-something nerd dealing with the fact that he has had critical government secrets absorbed directly into his brain. What makes this comedy-science fiction show so much better is the ‘portrayed-as-ugly-but-actually-HOT’ main character, Chuck, who manages to combine goofiness and sweetness into an incredibly attractive package. Who could resist those puppy-dog eyes and sweet smile? Chuck sets off our hot-nerd radar with ease, and we can’t wait to see where the series is headed.


As played by Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

The youngest man on our list features as John Connor, a role made famous by 80s-wild-child Edward Furlong and later reprised by Nick Stahl in the 2003 sequel, Terminator 3. However, neither of these actors have the innocent charm and boyish good looks that Dekker provides. Dekker gives sympathy to the role without getting wrapped up in too much teen-angst. A good, young actor who has the looks and a killer smile? Sign us up!


As played by Skeet Ulrich (Jericho)

Who else could make a post-apocalyptic, rural Kansas town seem like a viable place to visit? None other than Jake Green, the brooding anti-hero from Jericho. Looking like a young Johnny Depp, Jake managed to captivate us as he stepped in as the leader of the fallen town and its survivors. Shamefully, the show has not been renewed for a third season, and we’ll never find out exactly what happens to Jake Green. But we can always fantasise…


As played by John Barrowman (Torchwood)

British television recently presented us with Torchwood, a show that revolves around bisexual science-fiction hero, Captain Jack Harkness, who isn’t exactly difficult to look at. With a sexy attitude and a body to match, Jack (played by openly gay actor John Barrowman) manages to seduce men and women alike, all in the name of investigating extraterrestrial activity. We can only hope this sci-fi epic makes it to local screens, (if only to feast our eyes on the main character) but for now, the DVD box-sets have managed to invade our stores.


As played by Jamie Bamber. (Battlestar Galactica)

Lee Adama (callsign: Apollo) is one of the sexiest men to grace the titular battleship Battlestar Galactica throughout the show’s run. Moving through the ranks from a simple Captain to Commanding Officer, and eventually becoming President of the surviving twelve colonies, one needs to ask how many power-related fetishes this guy could inspire. Complimenting his muscled body are striking features that just scream charisma. What more could you ask for from your president?


As played by Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes)

This male nurse astonished worldwide audiences upon discovering his latent superpowers, es

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