Kellan Lutz goes walkies

Another topless Twilight hunk…

Yes, they do seem to be everywhere. It seems that since Twilight-mania began, the men of the saga can’t seem to keep their clothes on! But hey, at least they do it in public so we can get a good view. Kellan Lutz follows Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in their strange shirtless cult, distracting passers-by as he goes for a jog with his mixed-breed pooch. Kellan plays Emmet Cullenin in the film, a member of the sexy pale vampire family.

Exposed bums at the MTV Movie Awards

This year’s MTV Movie Awards was packed with tween stars in sexy outfits, hunky men looking sharp and exposed backsides at every interval. Before Bruno’s hilarious stunt, host Andy Samberg (from Saturday Night Live) did a little nude dance with Justin Timberlake in a sequence in a limousine. The annual movie-bashing skit ended with Andy naked in JT’s limo, testing the age-old question of: Do I give him the ass or crotch when I pass? Their awkward fumble causes JT to experience all of Andy, causing him to comment: “Your penis looks like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.” Ouch!

And then there was Luz

Madonna’s toy-boy Jesus Luz bares his yummy bod in a scintillating photoshoot for L’Officiel Hommes, the men’s fashion magazine. Having gone shirtless for the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2009-2010 ad campaign, Jesus is having a great time riding on Madge’s stardom, baring all wherever he can.

Kris Allen talks the future

American Idol winner Kris Allen hasn’t wasted any time after his Idols win and is set to ignite the radio waves with his soulful voice. “As exciting as the last few months have been, I’m really looking forward to what is next,” Kris said in a statement. “Everyone’s been asking me what [my album’s] going to sound like. It will be very similar to what you heard from me on the show — definitely in the pop/rock genre. I can’t wait to get started!”

Ryan Seacrest has an ugly past…

While on the Conan O Brian Show Ryan Seacrest decided to show everyone a picture from his youth; which shows that Ryan was once a chubby housewife with butch tendencies. Some things should just be burned and buried. Thank God for puberty; lucky for us Ryan has bloomed into a beautiful yet bitchy butterfly…

David looks a little ropey

Becks launches new underwear billboard

Football stud David Beckham unveiled his new Armani underwear billboard in London on Wednesday. The sex symbol, and occasional sportsman, made an appearance at Selfridges department store to mark the occasion. The billboard features David in his undies holding onto a rope (we’re not quite sure about the symbolism either). “I don’t mind taking pictures in my underwear. It’s when the pictures are unveiled, like today, that it’s a bit embarrassing,” he told the crowd. It’s funny how a pay cheque of few million dollars can quickly overcome any embarrassment…

Another soap jumps on the gay-bandwagon

American daytime soap opera One Life to Live is outing two of their male characters. The sudden gay outbreak apparently develops after the two remember what must have been a mind-blowing college homo-erotic experience. According to sources, Officer Fish (Scott Evans, openly gay brother of hottie Chris) and Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) will rekindle their young romance. However, like a true soapie, they can’t find happiness due to the introduction of a third gay character, Griffin (yet to be cast). And these are the Gays of our Lives…

George Michael and Beyonce hook up

No, not in that way. The 80s legend made a surprise guest appearance during Beyonce’s concert at the O2 arena in London, helping her belt out the lyrics to If I Were A Boy (uhh, we thought he was). George looked slightly haggard, the years clearly catching up with him, but at least he wasn’t wearing a plastic-looking medieval corset. What is Beyonce thinking? Perhaps George should help her out; from one diva to another.

Mika’s latest offering

High-pitched cutie Mika has produced new material, which he unveiled at an intimate, acoustic gig at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Showing much love for the opposite sex, Mika sang two of his upcoming songs Good Gone Girl and Blame It on the Girls, both apparently upbeat, flamboyant pop anthems in a similar vein to previous hits like Grace Kelly and Love Today. Not one to leave his audience uninspired, Mika’s live performance was quite a spectacle, with a silvery stage set, a full string section, and at one point a simulated thunderstorm, complete with glitter “rain.” During the set-closer Lollipop, giant inflatable balls were hurled into the audience.

Boy George locks lips with a girl

Recently-freed Boy George was spotted swopping saliva with a female companion during a walk about the town. Boy seems to have grown tired of the boys, having spent the past few months literally imprisoned with a building full of them. But looking at the aging, weight-gaining ex-popstar, he might be doing the gay community a favour.

Cristiano’s pink hat with flowers

Cristiano Ronaldo defends his gay style…

Getting all defensive over his latest wardrobe choices, Cristiano had a little bitch-fit when taunted by British tabloid The Sun. “I don’t know why people are so interested in what I wear on holiday. Last year, when I was in LA, everyone was talking about my tight trunks. Have you seen what people in LA wear? I was the most normal dressed person over there. Anyway, what’s wrong with wearing tight pants? They look good and it’s better than having tan lines down your legs. This year it was the pink hat with the flower. I don’t see what is wrong with it. I can see why, if you weren’t comfortable with your sexuality, you might not wear it. But I’m very comfortable so it’s not a problem for me. Men wear pink these days. OK, not many men wear flowers, but it’s good to be different.” We… um… couldn’t agree more.

Simon Cowell has the fever

Perhaps Simon Cowell’s pants are pulled so tightly around his waist that circulation to his brain is being restricted… That can be the only explanation as to why he has apparently decided to remake Saturday Night Fever, with Zac Efron taking the lead as Tony Manero. And if that weren’t bad enough, he wants Timbaland to redo the Bee Gee’s soundtrack. Utter blasph

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