Alexander Skarsgård

Stephen Moyer wants to get dirty with Alexander Skarsgård

It seems that True Blood actor Stephen Moyer, who stars as vampire Bill Compton, has a thing for blondes. Not only is he engaged to co-star Anna Paquin but now he’s admitted that he’d also like to get hot and heavy with Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, who plays fellow bloodsucker Eric Northman. “Alex is a good friend of mine and a fantastic actor and I love working with Alex and I don’t get to do it as much as I would love to,” said Stephen. He went on to joke: “You never know — whether they’ll stick Eric and Bill in bed together, I don’t know. But here’s hoping.” Then again, just have a look at the Swedish hunk and you may begin to suspect that Stephen wasn’t joking at all. More good news for fans is that the show’s creator, Alan Ball, has revealed that there will be more gay action in upcoming episodes of the increasingly popular series: “There are a lot of gay characters in the books as you get further and further into them. We’ll be introducing some of those gay characters this new season,” he told the Advocate.

John Mayer adds fuel to bisexual rumours

First there was Perez Hilton’s claim that hottie John Mayer smooched him a few years ago, but many chose to dismiss this as a delusion from the fevered imagination of the celeb-obsessed blogger. But now recent news suggests that Perez may not have been fibbing after all. It’s been claimed that John was spotted making out with another guy at a gay club in Palm Springs. An eyewitness said that while the crooner was partying it up with friends at the bar a patron walked up to John and kissed him on the lips. He apparently seemed to enjoy it and the club exploded with cheers.

Gerard Butler loves his arse

The studly actor has confessed in an interview promoting his new film Law Abiding Citizen that he rather enjoys exposing his tush on screen. “I love to show my rear end in roles. I fear it’s becoming a bit of a habit, a tradition that I have to show my ass in every movie that I can. This was always a great scene in the movie and actually speaks volumes about this character and part of the wackiness and unexpectedness that happens. I’ve always had a skinny, tight ass but I had to bulk up for this film. Whenever I make those decisions to be naked, I go, ‘Oh shit here’s another three months of being on a diet and getting that body back!'” Gerard, guess what? We love your arse too!

Jennifer Hudson to play Winnie

Perhaps hoping to add another Oscar to her mantelpiece, Jennifer Hudson is said to be in the running to play Winnie Mandela – our very own Evita. The singer and actress is apparently negotiating to take on the role of a lifetime in the long-planned biopic of Madiba. We think it could be a perfect fit – we just pray and hope that the film is not a musical. Don’t Cry For Me Soweto anyone?

Adam Lambert’s tacky album cover

We’re all kinds of excited to hear Adam Lambert’s upcoming debut album, but we were not too impressed with the tackarama cover which was recently revealed online. Probably flooded with disappointed comments, Adam took to Twitter to defend the image: “Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It’s an omage to the past. It IS ridiculous.” He then went on to dismiss his critics: “For those that don’t get it: oh well… Glad to have gotten your attention.” It may be an homage to the glam rock era, but it just looks cheap and nasty. We hope the music is better…

TR Knight breaks up with toyboy

Openly gay former Grey’s Anatomy cutie, TR Knight, has broken up with his boyfriend of two years Mark Cornelsen. According to In Touch, the 36 year old actor has asked the 20 year old to move out, although there is no news as to the reason. This comes just a week after TR announced that he’d love to raise children. Perhaps Mark wasn’t interested in being a daddy? A source, apparently a friend, said that the split was amicable, that the two remain friends and that they “still care about each other very much.” Right… we can’t wait for Mark to spill the beans.

Cristiano Ronaldo to replace Beckham?

It’s been announced that Portuguese soccer stunner Cristiano Ronaldo will be taking over from David Beckham as the body of Emporio Armani underwear. Apparently there’s no bad blood as David gave up his position representing the brand to start his own underwear label. Cristiano will be appearing in his skivvies for the all the world to see from autumn 2010, as well as promoting the label’s jeans range. We can’t wait to see the new billboards! And if being the most expensive football player in the world and coining it big time through the Armani deal aren’t enough, Cristiano has also been making some extra spending money by singing in an ad for Portuguese bank BES. Yes, singing. It’s rather frightening. Check it out here.

Charlize’s been a naughty girl

Charlize Theron is in a spot of trouble after she kissed another woman to raise money for charity (a lucky and very wealthy woman paid $140,000 for the 20 second smooch). It’s not actually because she kissed a girl (or liked it), but rather because the long time friend of the gay community also included a meeting with Madiba himself as part of the prize – without his permission! Achmat Dangor, chief executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation told Beeld that Charlize hadn’t contacted Mandela or his people before auctioning off the meeting. “There is a very rigorous process to secure a meeting with Mr Mandela, and as yet, we have not have had any such request from Charlize Theron.” He added, however, “We nevertheless wish Ms Theron well in her charity work.” We wonder when a very embarrassed Charlize will be giving Nelson a call to beg for forgiveness. There has thus far been no comment from the actress or her management.

John Legend walks his dog.

Mika Stefano blown off by John Legend

Local gossip blogger Mika Stefano had his dreams dashed when sexy singer John Legend refused to appear in a picture with him. Mika tried to get close to the star during John’s recent tour in South Africa at a concert after-party at Taboo nightclub in Joburg. “I almost lost my breath,” writes Mika on his blog of the moment when he saw his idol in the club. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t get close to the Grammy winner who “was wearing a tight white T-shirt and he looked so good in it…” The star-struck socialite finally managed to follow (stalk?) John and his bodyguards to a waiting car and was finally addressed by the singer with two simple words: “no picture!” Mika said that his heart was broken “into a thousand pieces,” and admitted “I’m a

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