Watchmaker Tag Heuer’s anticipated entry into the mobile market was an arrival filled with bling and opulence. Following Tag’s tradition of fine design and craftsmanship, the hand-assembled phone consists of precisely 1963 individual parts, which demonstrates its attention to the finer details.

The device comes standard with an un-scratchable 60.5 sapphire crystal glass screen and a corrosion resistant steel outer casing. The phone is in standard candy bar form, with a secondary display on the top of the phone for the time and call status messages. Power performance is outstanding as the device boasts seven hours of talk time and a whopping 28 days of standby time.

However, in terms of features, it sports a meagre 2.0 megapixel camera and a dismal 2GB of internal storage space – with a memory card slot that can expand the memory by another 2GB. Other standard features include MMS, MP3 playback and voice recorder. Unfortunately, WiFi and GPS are not supported and HSDPA support is unclear. This phone is definitely not aimed at the high-end smart phone user but rather at the fashionista market.

For the form-over-function kind of guy, the device is available at the iMagine store at Vodaworld; if you don’t mind, of course, laying down about R 40 000 for the pleasure.


Who said the Apple OS was the only pretty operating system out there? Creating an awesome and completely unique looking desktop is easy; just add imagination and a little personal flair.

Inspiration: Before you embark on imprinting your user interface design skills on your beloved PC, it would be helpful to gather some inspiration from those who have already mastered the art. A great community of desktop inspiration fundis is the Lifehackers Desktop Customization pool on Flickr, which contains hundreds of screenshots of superbly crafted desktop designs.

Resources: There are many resources online to customise your desktop – from simple wallpapers to full-blown themes and icon packs. A good place to start looking is Google, by using the search terms ‘Windows themes.’ Do be aware that searches that contain terms such as ‘screensavers’ and ‘wallpapers’ were found in a recent study to offer up infected and malicious sites in the results. However, there are countless legitimate sites that offer premium quality customisation material for free. Have a look at or perhaps; two websites that provide superb quality resources for the passionate customiser.

Execution: Once you have an idea of the masterpiece you’d like to create, it’s time to get customising. Desktop customisation, like any great piece of design, isn’t a once off thing but a work in progress. With time you will come up with new and great ideas on how to pimp your desktop even further! It’s mighty pleasing to have your stallion PC be something of beauty and the envy of your mates. It’s even more of a pleasure to work on a machine personalised with your creative signature style.


With Android quickly becoming a mobile operating system leader, many handset manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and rolling out devices sporting the OS. The latest to enter this domain is Motorola. The handset is a beast when it comes to features and performance. The Motorola Droid is also the first android phone sporting the new Android version 2.0 OS.

With features such as a 3.7 inch touch screen, 256MB built-in memory, 16GB microSD card (expandable to 32GB), proximity sensors, ambient light, eCompass and a full QWERTY keyboard, this device really drops the motherload in terms of capabilities. In accordance with Motorola’s exceptional design aesthetic, the device compliments its brain with its looks, thanks to a sleek industrial design and a minimalistic black exterior.

The phone also boasts handsome capabilities in the networking department with a compliment of Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and HSDPA capabilities. It’s hard to tell if this phone is geared for the business user or tech heads, but judging from its specifications it will satisfy both. Consider that Time magazine has just named the Droid the best gadget of 2009, declaring it Android’s “first credible challenge” to the Apple iPhone.

There have been reports that the device’s slow and buggy five megapixel camera is its downfall. However, Motorola is sure to fix these problems in their software upgrade packages and in later models of the phone.

This baby hasn’t yet landed in South Africa and it’s unclear if and when it will be introduced into our market by the networks (although I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t soon).


An application dock, traditionally a typically Apple Mac application, has steadily been gaining popularity on other operating systems. Docks are applications that act as program launchers, holding the shortcuts to your applications for easy access at any time.

They not only look neat, but also save time in accessing your applications. A dock provides a cleaner, quicker way of window management, switching and application launching.

There are many dock applications out there; however, I have highlighted three below that shine in performance and usability.

RocketDock (Windows Only)

The granddaddy of Windows docks, RocketDock is almost the de facto standard for those seeking a sleek, functional and quick dock for their PC. It has been around since the days of the XP OS, and has been the trusty stead of desktop customisers around the world.

Click to:

Gnome Do with Docky (Linux Only)

With the countless docks available for Linux, Docky is clearly the winner as it takes application and task management to a new level. It is a mixture of a dock, application launcher and text based launcher (similar to that of the Quicksilver application for the Mac).
Click to:

Windows 7 Dock (Pre-installed on Windows 7 only)

A way overdue enhancement to the Windows OS. Windows 7’s task bar comes default with its new taskbar/dock, which resembles the child of the Mac’s dock and Vista’s taskbar. The new taskbar/dock has been praised by many as a highly aesthetic and easy-to-use improvement of the Windows operating system.


An almost wafer-thin frameless stunner, this is set to become one the most coveted home theatre eye candy items of the year (and into 2010). It seems like in recent years LG has been trying to assert itself as a stylish brand and, judging by their most recent products, they certainly

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