An 11 year old US schoolboy was arrested for saying that he wished he had a gun to shoot bullies who have plagued him with anti-gay slurs.

Californian Brenton Peraita claims that he has been the victim of the bullies – who have called him “Brentina,” “homo” and “fag” and broke his gasses – for months, reported FOX 40.

When he made the comment about having a gun, he was sent to the school’s office where he was arrested for making criminal threats and taken to the police station, fingerprinted and issued with a summons to appear in court.

“His reward for standing up for himself and saying, ‘I’m no longer going to be the victim,’ was a ride to the police department and a mug shot,” said Jose Peraita, Brenton’s father.

The family said that they complained to the school 50 times and nothing was done about the bullying which, they said, only got worse.

Riverbend Elementary school officials insisted that they had taken steps to improve the situation.

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