Mr Gay UK 2006 Mark Carter

Police officer and Mr. Gay UK 2006 Mark Carter has been cleared of rape and sexual assault charges by a British court.

Carter (28) was tried for sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth man twice at the Etap hotel in Leeds in December 2009.

On Thursday, a jury found him innocent of rape and two of the three charges of sexual assault but was unable to decide on the third sexual assault charge.

Carter had insisted that the sex between him and the man who accused him of rape was completely consensual, telling the Leeds Crown Court: “We had gone back for mutual pleasure, a sexual encounter.”

He also commented on how the charges and trial had affected his life. “It turned my life upside down. I embarked on an absolute living nightmare.”

Prosecutors will decide next week if they will retry Carter on the third undecided sexual assault charge.

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