Lady Gaga has premiered the video for Edge of Glory, the third single from her hit album Born This Way.

The 80’s influenced track, which is said to have been inspired by the death of Gaga’s grandfather in 2010, is something of a departure from her recent high-energy thumping dance hits.

“The song’s about your last moment on Earth, the moment of truth, the edge of glory is that moment right before you leave the Earth,” Gaga told Google in an interview.

The video is also much simpler than previous Gaga clips; featuring the the singer, songwriter and LGBT activist gyrating and dancing on a fire escape and street.

She wears a scanty leather ensemble from the late Gianni Versace’s final collection, designed before his murder in 1997.

MTV News described the video as “a piece that’s a little bit Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach, a little bit Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and a whole lot of ’80’s videos where someone dances on a fire escape while smoke pours from a well-lit window.”

The song and video feature a performance by acclaimed saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who is recovering from a recent stroke.

Watch the video below. Love it or hate it?

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