A member of parliament in Ghana has warned that gays and lesbians face violence if they do not stop their “abominable” acts or leave the country.

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He added: “So I am sending a sign to these people that they will not have it easy in this country. They can leave here and go to other places to practice that. But in this country, I believe that they are treading on dangerous grounds and they could face lynching in future.”

“This act is abominable, it is not practised in Ghana…”

Assuming went on to reject the notion that LGBT equality is a human rights issues, insisting that no law could make homosexuality acceptable.

“Being a God-fearing nation and a God-fearing people, let us not joke with this issue and let us not talk about any issue of human rights. This is uncultured, anti-Ghanaian and if care is not taken, these people will face a very tough time in future.”

“No matter what law we have in place, this one is an unwritten law. This act is abominable, it is not practised in Ghana and anybody who tries to introduce it in this country will not succeed. It has started in Kenya where people are being lynched.”

Assuming also called on police to be more active in raiding places where gay people gather.

Male homosexuality is illegal in Ghana. Earlier this month it was claimed that Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations is investigating “the growing rate of homosexuality” in parts of the country

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