President Mills

Ghana’s president, John Evans Atta Mills, has told churchgoers that the government will take action against gay and lesbian people.

According to the Ghana News Agency, Mills made the statement on Sunday while attending a thanksgiving service at the Sunyani Central Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, following his re-election as his party’s leader in the next presidential elections.

The agency said that Mills “gave the assurance that government would institute measures to check the menace of homosexuality and lesbianism that were gradually gaining grounds within the social fabric of the country”.

“The word of God is clear and unambiguous, what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong”, he was quoted as saying, adding that homosexuality is foreign to the nation’s customs and conventions.

He was reportedly responding to concerns by Reverend Joseph Bosoma, the host pastor at the service, who said that homosexuality was a social canker and urged the government to implement severe laws against gays and lesbians.

Sexual contact between men is already illegal in Ghana, although is rarely enforced.

In his sermon, Bosoma also condemned the wearing of short skirts and open-chest blouses by women.

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