Peter Tatchell

High profile British LGBT rights activist Peter Tatchell has called on the organisers of the 2012 World Pride in London to adopt a global theme.

The city will host World Pride a month before it hosts the Olympic games, an opportunity that must not be missed, says the veteran campaigner.

“…The eyes of the world will be on London. We must not miss this historic opportunity to profile the international struggle for LGBT freedom to a global audience of hundreds of millions of people.”

He added: “I hope World Pride will help us shine a spotlight on the heroic efforts of LGBT campaigners in countries like Uganda, Iran, Cameroon, Nigeria, Iraq, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kenya, Egypt and Jamaica.

Tatchell has written to the organisers, urging them to adopt the theme: “Decriminalise homosexuality worldwide – Global equality for LGBT people.”

In the letter he points out that over 70 countries still criminalise same-sex relations, with penalties ranging from a few years jail to life imprisonment and even execution.

Tatchell said that from preliminary discussions, Pride London “is sympathetic”.

London’s WorldPride in 2012 is expected to attract over one million visitors. The two week festivities will most likely take place from 23 June to 8 July 2012, with the main parade held on 7 July.

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