Giorgio Armani’s toy boy

Giorgio Armani proves that getting old rocks!

Don’t pity Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani because he’s seventy-seven-years-old. The old coot may be long in the tooth but he’s still living the good life. He was recently snapped frolicking on the beach in Spain with this much younger stud. We’ll avoid being cynical and not suggest that the attraction could have anything to do with Giorgio’s estimated $7 billion personal fortune and instead remember that love has no bounds…

Taylor Lautner dines with A-list Hollywood gays

Is Twilight’s Taylor Lautner planning to take on a gay role? It could well be. The hunky 19-year-old stud was photographed last month eating out with two gay A-list filmmakers – Milk director Gus Van Sant and Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black – at an Italian restaurant in LA. There’s no word on what they discussed or what the dinner was all about, but we’re rather excited at the prospect of seeing Taylor lock lips on-screen with a male co-star. After all, we all know that there’s no faster way to get an Oscar nomination these days than playing a gay. Watch this space…

Amy’s father gives away her stuff

Our heart is still broken at the loss of Amy Winehouse. Who knows if she’d ever produce another album if she remained alive, but we’re poorer for never knowing. In a bizarre turn of events, Amy’s father, Mitch, surprised fans camping outside the singer’s London home on Thursday by handing out some of her possessions! Amy’s parents and her brother looked at the tributes on the pavement outside before entering the Camden property. Bodyguards began to clear up the singer’s belongings and later Mitch handed out Amy’s t-shirts to eager fans, some of whom tearfully sniffed the clothes. Kind of touching, but also pretty creepy.

Chris Evans “pre-Captain America”

Chris Evans’ “brutal” Captain America workout

Chris Evans has revealed that the process of buffing up for his role as Captain America “sucked”. Despite already looking like a sex-god (see our before pic), “we did about four months. We did two hours a day, and it was brutal,” he told “I’d walk out and I’d be like, ‘I need to vomit. I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.'”

He went on to complain: “Working out sucked, eating sucked more. You get to a point where you just can’t even look at another piece of chicken. You’re just so bloated, but you just have to keep consuming protein.”

He did admit that it was all worth the effort and that things could be worse. “I get paid a lot of money to run around and play make believe. I’m not in the coal mines. I’m not flipping burgers. Life is great!” Yeah, being Chris Evans is probably not too shabby a life these days…

Miley Cyrus bleeds for gay marriage

Awww, we suddenly love Miley Cyrus. At least for today. The gal has shown her dedication towards supporting same-sex marriage by getting a [small] tattoo for the cause. Miley tweeted a picture of the ‘equal’ symbol tattooed on her index finger. She explained by commenting, “All LOVE is equal.” It’s a small sign, which we really appreciate… but could she just stop singing now?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake and his sis go swimming

Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted on the beach splashing about with his acting sister Maggie the other day, and revealed that he’s still very much in shape. We’re not too sure about the shaved head (for a new role as a cop, apparently) but we could still spend all day admiring this fine specimen. Oh, you may have noticed that we didn’t bother to include Maggie in this picture. We hope you don’t mind…

Tom Felton talks Potter homo-eroticism

Actor Tom Felton, best known as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts nemesis, Draco Malfoy, popped into Conan O’Brien’s talk show to promote the latest Potter film. Conan commented that Draco is always scowling in the films despite Felton actually having a very nice smile. “Small kids are generally shy around me – and it freaks them out even more when I smile and I’m really nice to them,” said Tom. He was then thoroughly embarrassed when Conan pulled out some fan art images of Draco and Harry in various romantic embraces, “Even there Draco’s unhappy! Why can’t Draco lighten up a little bit?” asked Conan with a smirk.

Tom revealed that his brother had used one of the images as his screensaver. “He found it hilarious,” said Tom, good-naturedly. “And he told everyone that he took the picture and that it was real. Needless to say those images will haunt me for a while.” Tom is next appearing in the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And, in a sweet move, Tom’s Potter co-star Rupert Grint arrived at the film’s premiere supporting his pal with a t-shirt that declared: “I Love Tom Felton”. Bless!

Will Young

Will Young joins the circus

Ok, not really. Will is back with a new single, Jealousy. In the video for the song, Will dons a skin-tight outfit for his role as a trapeze artist in love with a fellow male performer – and pretty much pulls it off. The song is growing on us and we hope it will kick-start his somewhat lacklustre career of late. In an interview with Attitude magazine the 32-year-old star revealed that he avoided dealing with sexual feelings when he was younger because he was afraid to admit that he might be gay.

“I was terrified of being gay so I didn’t really feel sexual until I was about 26… I was quite inhibited. I feel like I’ve reached a place that I’m happy with, worked out things I will never do. It’s taken me years to work that out.” He also spoke about how he felt about reaching his thirties. “I love getting older. These days I look after myself more and don’t drink as much, try not to smoke as much. I’m more responsible towards anyone in business or friendships. I think that shift is quite a pleasant one.” Check out the video for Jealousy here.

Rihanna says Madge was an inspiration

Rihanna says that Madonna was one of her biggest inspirations in the course of her career. “I think that Madonna was a great inspiration for me, especially on my earlier work,” she told We L

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