Pierre Lagrange

A multimillionaire who came out to his family last year faces paying his estranged wife, Catherine, the UK’s biggest-ever divorce settlement.

Hedge fund manager and co-founder of GLG Partners, Pierre Lagrange, who is believed to be worth around £300m, is reported to have sold his 15-bedroom luxury London home for £90m in anticipation of the divorce settlement.

Since coming out, the Belgian-born Lagrange has begun a relationship with Roubi L’Roubi, a British fashion designer.

“I only met Roubi long after our divorce decision,” the 49-year-old Lagrange told The Telegraph. “My relationship with him is indeed of a romantic nature.

“My divorce reflects the reality of a separation that has happened a long time ago. Our divorce has been the most amicable one, with respect and love from all parties,” he was quoted as saying.

Mrs Lagrange could be given up to half of her husband’s fortune, around £160m, in the settlement; breaking the current record of £100 million.

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