International professional services firm Ernst & Young’s rebranding is causing confusion on the internet, with searches turning up pictures of near-naked young men.

The very corporate company recently rolled out a media campaign to publicise a major brand makeover and its name change to the shorter “EY”.

It seems, however, that no-one behind the changes thought to google the new name to see what else was out there with a similar moniker.

Red-faced company bosses have now realised that EY is also the name of a Spanish gay magazine that features good looking young men in their underwear, or less.

Type “EY” in a Google image search and you’re more likely to see male flesh then pictures of prim and proper suited up executives.

The magazine, which used to be called Electric Youth before it also rebranded, is not a regular publication and has only put out around seven issues since 2008. There is also a Brazilian edition of EY.

EY, the company, has chosen to not comment on the matter.

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