cher_take_it_like_a_man_fan_video_underwear_modelsPop icon Cher has given her nod of approval to a video for one of her new songs featuring a bevy of hunky models in their underwear.

The video was compiled from a series of clips originally created by the Andrew Christian underwear label, known for its saucy gay online video campaigns.

These were edited together to the tune of Cher’s Take it Like a Man. which is included on her latest album Closer to the Truth.

It’s unclear if a fan or Cher herself is behind the clip, but the star took to social media to promote it by posting the clip on YouTube and Facebook.

She tweeted: “Some friends made me a present for Take It Like A Man Watch it here.”

Andrew Christian appeared flattered and wrote on Facebook: “Cher, yes the ‘Cher’ just used 4 of my video clips in her new video Take it like a man‘ and also posted a link to the video.

One Cher fan was not very pleased with the flesh-fest, commenting: “Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals, but I find sexualizing this material cheap; as I man, I feel completely ashamed after seeing a male body is used for such purposes.”

Another disagreed, writing: “omg. cher not only knows on which side her bread is buttered, she knows who baked the bread and who churned the butter.”

Watch the video below.

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