looking_new_gay_tv_series_full_trailer_releasedA full trailer for the highly anticipated new American gay television drama series Looking has been released.

The show is described as a half hour comedy-drama about a group of gay friends living in San Francisco.

Unlike a previous teaser, the new trailer finally gives viewers a good look at the characters and issues in the series.

Looking will be broadcast from January on the HBO channel, which is known for its adult-orientated shows.

Series creator Michael Lannan told SFGate that he wanted “to tell a very honest story, and be very honest about sexuality. We didn’t want to pull our punches about dating and sex.”

He and executive producer and director Andrew Haigh dismissed suggestions that it’ll be “the gay Sex and the City,” as it’s been dubbed by some.

“Whenever before a show goes on air, people want to define it. The easiest way to define it is to say it’s a gay Sex and the City, or a gay Girls. But I think the show is different from both of those shows,” commented Haigh.

“Different people, different ages. It’s out of our control, and I’m not embarrassed to be compared to those two shows. They’re both great shows. But I think ours is distinct in its tone and feeling. Our characters are in their 30s, coming up on 40. It’s a different age group,” he said.

Looking’s cast includes Jonathan Groff as Patrick, a gay man with a successful career as a video-game developer; Frankie J. Alvarez as Agustín, an artist’s assistant and Patrick’s best friend; and Murray Bartlett as Dom.

Guest stars include Scott Bakula as Lynn, an entrepreneur, and Russell Tovey as Kevin, a “video game wunderkind” who works with Patrick.

Two of the actors, Groff and Tovey, are openly gay, as are Haigh and Lannan.

No word yet on if and when Looking will come to South African television.

Watch the new trailer below.

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