Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi Mhlongo

South African celebrities have dismissed a spoof report that they are involved in a gay political party formed by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu which aims to legalise gay polygamy.

It appears that South Africans have once again fallen for another hoax by satire website Lifestyle Tabloids, which last week published an article announcing the launch of the “Democratic Religious Alliance Against Minority Antagonism” (DRAAMA) party.

According to the site, Tutu formed DRAAMA “to redress the issue” of homosexuality which “the current ruling party has dragged its feet in addressing”.

DRAAMA would “seek to make polygamy amongst gay men a ‘democratic right’ in order to ‘tone-down’ the alarming level of unfaithfulness endemic in homosexual relationships”.

It would also promote a policy of “G.E.E (Gay Economic Empowerment) transformation,” which “will also be at the forefront of what the party seeks to achieve, ultimately making it a prerequisite for corporate South Africa to have gay representation across the board”.

The site further claimed that openly-gay socialite and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo had been appointed “as the party’s spin doctor” and that gay fashion designer David Tlale had been commissioned to create the party’s look “in true avant-garde style” that would consist of “leathers and feathers in electric pink”.

Speaking to Sunday World, Mhlongo denied that he was in any way connected with the party and insisted that he fully backed the ANC. “I said it on Twitter and I will say it again…. ANC for life”.

Tlale laughed off the claims, telling the newspaper that “I don’t know anything about this party and I’ve never heard of it”. The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation confirmed that the story is “a fabrication”.

Last year, the Lifestyle Tabloids website twice fooled the public and the media in South Africa and internationally with two memorable “fake” stories.

It first claimed that local television channel e.tv was set to broadcast a reality series on President Zuma’s wives and then also wrote that a son of notoriously homophobic Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had come out as gay.

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